Sunday, November 20, 2011

"I Want More"

One of the beautiful and nice cosplayers at the event
     "They had gone better."  This year, for the UP AME, they had strive to success.  The recent UP AME entitled AME Monogatari held last November 12 at the World Trade Center was a blast.  It was worth it.  The fun, the people, the booth, the place, and the entertainment fused a very great principle for the event.  Compared last year, they made a full return with an interest for there err as this event took its place.
     The event, AME track 10 Rhapsody of the rain, was a convention last year for UP AME.  It was  November 6 of 2010, in hall 2 of SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Complex.  The place  was not suited for all the people who want to go in the event.   Some cannot enter the venue because it was over crowded.  But hey!  This year was different.  The entertainment for the event  was  great.   There were bands, cosplay competition,  and some portions too.  The laughing moment during the event was the cosplay competition.   All  the participants was very great.  They have  there own way to showcase there work.   The thing that I just point at them is,  if they don't hit the mike, they would almost hit the host.  What I"m really proud of was the maintenance that come up to the stage just to keep the safety  of the cosplayers because of the confetti that was being used for there show.  He was  given a round-of-applause  for that  and I also solute him for this job.  Thank you sir maintenance without you, the event wouldn't be that a success for your aid.  Moving on,  the place was World Trade Center.  Its a big place.  Also, its air conditioned so that heat for the outside would be dispersed if you come in.  The booth it was superb yet there were few anime store at the event.  But,  why would you look for anime store if the merchandise that you would need is already there.  The Sugar free and Blue, there merchandise of Gothic dress was cool.  If you want to purchase  from the, you could contact them at 713-28-77.  There dress was very food and high quality.  I really suggest them if you fashion suits there merchandise.  The  sumo wrestling booth made me laugh because of how they do the challenge.  Some games, foods, and the free Cobra energy  drink.  I was really  thirsty when they gave me a free one  of those, thank you so much.  It was just perfect when that drink was given to me because  I was really looking for a drink by then, and to my surprise,  a free-taste of Cobra energy drink was handed to me.  What I really like from the booths was the Geishas Blade.  I would really want to purchase  one of there items.  If I have  the cash by then, I would had buy one of those.   Just check Geishas Blade if you want to know what I'm saying.  Next, the people, there were lots of them.  I would want to make pictures  of different  people there specially the cosplayers.  They were friendly too.  Being nice in an event with other people  would surely make a great deal for an event because it would might give you a new friend.  Lastly, the fun, screaming and laughing inside the event truly made it worth every cent.  There ticket cost 150 pesos yet what I really paid for is the fun. 
     Some of the family members was there the Cloud Guardian and the Rain Guardian was present.  The Eric Lacarde cos for one f the guardian was nice.  Anyway, the family was  there to have some great time and for sure, it was claimed.  This event i a two-thumbs-up.  Hope next year is alot better.   Eventually, the Mist Guardian was also present in  the event.  The Sky Guardian didn't saw his Mist Guardian there  yet it just suits her characteristics, "The one that can't be caught."  Happily, the family was there and made another memory to cherish.
     To wrap this thins up, AME Monogatari earns a salute from the family.  See you again next year.  God bless and more power.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Do I Think COSPLAY is SHIT?

I don't know why, but I keep on pondering about a question given to me by my friends just before we went to a Haloween Vacation.  The question goes something like this, "If I think Cosplay is nonsense, then what do I call my hobby (which is writing graphic novels manga-style)?".  Honestly, throughout the vacation I kept on pondering of what word should I use for my answer, for I felt deeply offended when my close friends even had the stomach of comparing the two.

Now, however, I can finally say that I've found the correct word to answer them.  The word is PERMANENCE.

Some of you might not agree, but I find cosplay a fad--something that will be lost in due time.  If you want to argue, then first give me a famous cosplayer's name back from the 70s, 80s and 90s.  No, don't give me that Alodia shit; she only got famous after being featured in TV, and even in those conditions, only a few outside the anime and manga world and from the Philippines actually recognize her.  And she's even from the 2000s!

In contrast, graphic novels or manga had  a more lasting 'legacy'.  I'll give you 'Gundam' (1979), 'Akira' (1982) and 'Ghost in the Shell' (1989) as examples to prove my point.  If you still aren't convinced, try Marvel and DC Comics.

I am not a fan of things that go away easily, fading into ones memory as time passed by.  I am more into permanent 'legacies', something that will be remembered as time goes by.  That's why I believe COSPLAY IS SHIT compared to making 'manga' or graphic novels.  Call me a 'Purist', 'Demon', 'Racist', 'Idiot' or anything you want, my opinion would never change.

And did I just say opinion?  Yes, it's my own opinion and it may be true or false depending on your experience.  I was just saying my sentiments.  Feel free to argue, but if I don't bite your argument then I think I am entitled to that.  It doesn't make you more inteliigent than I am nor me over you.

Finally, for the last words, even though I think cosplay is crap especially in the Philippines, I don't advocate removing it completely in the events scene.  My point is, I just want others to realize that Cosplay would fade as fast as your short-term memories are, SO INVEST IN THINGS THAT REMAIN PERMANENT.  Another thing is, please give other aspects of an event more time, energy and effort--not everyone is a cosplayer or wanted to be in the spotlight.  

And to my friends, please stop comparing Cosplay from Literature, because no matter how hard or devoted one works at cosplay, it will all fade in one's memory at the press of the 'DELETE' button.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Let's Travel By Eating"

     "Though we can't travel the whole world, at least,  by eating there cuisine we an experience there place."  Pureheart mentioned it while walking inside Gateway.  It's true, because our status today cannot stroll around the world yet by eating a country's  specialty, I can feel the ambiance of that environment through that restaurant as well of there food.  At first, the family planned a pizza restaurant by then.  Yet, it was almost late, so we can only eat in a place that suits our hungry stomach.  The restaurant, "PHO HOA," a very eastern country ambiance with a sense of uniqueness because of the people and the style of presentation of foods.
Pho Hoa Fresh Ice Tea 
     The family doesn't have much time by then---though we are really hungry.  A Beef Stew Large partnered with Pho Hoa Fresh Ice Tea was the combo ignited by the Guardian of Storm.  Honestly, the beef was very chewy and the noodles was firm.  Your tummy will fully get contented as you dip and sip your spoon to your bowl.  Also, they serve a side dish of mongo sprouts with a slice of lemon and leafy dish to make your appetite alot more better.  The Hot sauce and the dip sauce really entice our empty tummy to munch and eat the served dish cunningly.  On the other hand, the other family member known as the sky guardian, ask for a small Chicken Noodle together with a fresh orange juice.  The meat of the chicken was really soft and the leaves that cools your throat as it go down to your stomach makes a new experience for a food for them.  The chicken noodle has a quail egg that is soft and light as it goes through our mouth.  Apparently, this mouth-watering cuisine really makes a bang with the earlier mentioned "Fresh Orange Juice."  Its fresh orange pouring with Vitamin C makes a healthy routine for those people who are taking there diet.  Its leafy and healthy aspect would really help those who watch for the number in scales.
Beef Stew Large
small Chicken Noodle
     The staff was nice to us taking good care of our orders as they serve  us quick.  Remember, in a restaurant, people go there because they are hungry---not simply to wait for there turns.  The quicker the service the better.  Sometimes, whether a food it just ordinary though the service is great, it really makes a good impression for the restaurant because they serve with excellence.  To wrap this thing up, going home was hard after eating because you will really like it there if you don't control your appetite.  Pho Hoa is a place to visit when you are looking for a different cuisine.

     If you want to try our the other dishes, you can visit them at Level 2 Gateway, Cubao.  Happy Eating . . . . God bless.

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