Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"State Of Calamity"

     "There is no perfect friend but trying to be one is worth it."  The Cloud Guardian of the family once said this  during the struggle for the family's uncertainty.  It is a blessing that the family have a very intelligent and optimistic Cloud Guardian.  He is also one of ht people that keeps the family together up to now.  This family surely is proud to have him around .  Just like in this recent situation that the family is adhering.  A pain which each member do burden as they struggle to survive.  This is the moment when they have to be together the most.
     From the start, the Thunder Guardian is suffering too much.  He has a job, that do not pay him well.  He can't leave there because of the large bond that he have to pay if he resigns.  The family knows he is a strong guardian but he needs to learn from this.  For the family, he is the one that absorbs all the pain  though he inflict so much damage to the enemy, he feels pain too.  It is the reason why he always  comfort the Rain Guardian even though he carries this type of problem.  Unfortunately, the Rain Guardian has a much more bigger problem that him.  He is sick, a permanent one.  According to the doctor it was inborn.  He got it ever since birth.  The family had no idea upon what to do for this yet the Rain Guardian is emotionally deprived about this.  Concerning this, the Sky and Storm Guardian keeps on aiding those who are in need for the family.  The Sun Guardian is still with them is spirit though he cannot be there physically due to the call of his duty.  For the Mist Guardian, she had been not communicating with the family.  She is a strong one though the family still worries about her.  She had been doing alot of activity recently though it is for the good of the family.  The Mist Guardian bears a very strong attitude above all the family.  They just do hope she does not gone astray.
     This is the trouble which the family is trying to surpass.  They are strong once they are together.  The expertise that they have one there own really put them in advantage about this danger they come to compel.  This family can survive though they are wounded and carries an abundant of pain because of the struggle they have.  Stay together, because this is how they over-throw there adversity.


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Monday, August 20, 2012


 The Gatecrasher Family first attended the Tanabata Festival of PNU last 2011.  The event then was called Tanabata IV "Celestial Hope."  For an event that still needs to improve, Tanabata IV is fine.  On the other hand, the family just went there because one of the family member was a student there-----Now, this year's Tanabata Festival made a rebound.  The Tanabata V "Kizuna"  really got the full attention of the family.
     Kizuna or Tanabata V truly pulls the eyes of the audience once a person enter the venue.  It was held in Philippine Trade Training Center last August 18.  The area as well as the volume of the audience was  perfect.  Even the booth just blend with the aura of the place.  It seems to be that the organizers anticipated the crowd.  Honestly, to expect a volume of your audience is very crucial. Some events made this error due to uncertainty.  The important thing about this is, "You don't need a big venue for a small crowd neither you don't need a small venue for a big crowd yet you just need a right venue for a right crowd."
     There were freebies in the even, and installer and a huge poster.  One reason why some attendees of event do want to come.  Its serves as remembrance for the event.  A tangible one or something that everyone that goes to that event can say, " I was there."  Photos or taking pictures of attending coplayers  may serve as well yet something that the event do provide just by entering truly makes a difference.  Aside from freebies, booths for accessories, games, and seller clothes was there.  What the family do always remember is the "Sugar Free and Blues."  One day the family will buy something from them, one day.  Meanwhile, there were a gaming booth where some can play.  The Cloud Guardian is a gamer.  He tried and played for the game.  Too bad for him because the event was already near end as he plays.  But hey!  He was really happy he played there and the  person who was in-charge of that booth was kind and generous to return his excess payment because of the limited time the event had---Thank you so much for that!!!
     A Parody about the tale of Tanabata Festival  was made for the event.  The play which they show to the audience was very entertaining.  The actors, the sounds, the props made a different touch for the story.  Above all, cosplayers were participating the play so it really made a good view for it.  Being creative really makes a good sense for  a place which looks very the same.  The family do hope that they would see more in the future.
     The bands who played for the event was great.  Upon how they carry the instrument and how they do it really made something there.  It is hard to play guitar or even simultaneously play the drum with it to produce a rhythmic sound.  But them, they were enjoying it and the crowd did absorb the songs that played.  Unfortunately, there were some moments during the bands were playing an unbalanced tune.  It was just a minor flaw, anyway, who would care.  The sad thing is, "The family didn't get any names of the band!!!  They were talented that the Gatecrasher Family would be honored to shake there hands.
     The cosplay competition was a sub-feature of the event.  There were some awesome cosplayers that attended Tanabata.  Some did carry well there costumes and even some did really captured the character that they want to convey.  Unluckily, the family left during the Tanabata dance which was the main feature.  Few colleagues of the family there needs to be home early so forth the winner of the cosplay competition was not known for them.
     Just to insert, Hunters were seen in the Tanabata Festival.  It was informed because one family member is a Hunter.  Funny, that a family member claims that he is a ninja though when the announcer of the event said that they were having the "Ninja Game,"   he refused to join because he does not know the mechanics.  Anyway, real "Knight" do compose one member.  Honor and word is the most important aspect of being a Knight.  So once promise, loyalty, and sincerity is abide, you can trust the family with it because they can die for it.
     Clearly, being progressive and smart definitely marks the Tanabata Festival this year.  It made the Gatecrasher Family happy and they even learn some few ideas from you.  Hope next year would be alot better.  More power and God bless. . . .  See you next year.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Nothing Unusual"

     Cosplay events are becoming so casual recently.  People attends, costripers come, con-goers buy some stuff, photographers  take there shots, and competition for cosplayers do occur.   Eventually, these are the stuff that come in an event.  It only makes a difference when new acquaintances do come.  What I say is, new cosplayer come each year.  Some just want to be famous and others only shows what they can do.
     In Otaku Reload 2012, the family was there.   Bringing there own camera as well as going with there casualties.  They just noticed that thought the place is small, Mega trade hall 3 in SM Mega mall, there were too many people old faces are there( regular attendees as we assume) even some booth that are used to in other conventions were there.  T-shirts are very nice souvenirs in an event like that but when your decision to by them are too slow, you will get nothing at all.  Apparently, some cosplayers are new there.   The showcase there talents on what they can do and what hey have.  The family agreed that they carry there costumes well because  some are very beautiful with it.  The downside about it is when they don't know who they are portraying.  Luckily, we don't ask who they are trying to show in there costumes ,but well, the eyes of the crowd feast on them.
Inori Yuzuriha of Guilty Crown
Lightning of Final Fantasy XIII
(She's so Cute)
     One of the family point at someone.  She thought that this cosplayer was a character in Mirai Nikki, Gasai Yuno to be exact.  She was very eager to take picture of her so the Sky guardian  ask to take pictures of her.  Unfortunately, she was not a Mirai Nikki character yet a leading character from Guilty Crown---Inori Yuzuriha.   Another scene in the event was about this Lightning character from Final Fantasy.  She was very cute as the family assume.  The Sky guardian would really want to take pictures of her because she looks similarly to Lightning.  She was being stop by some photographers by then.  Surprisingly, the Storm guardian was there to assist.  They got her picture twice yet on there surprise she said, "Lugi ka pa."  It was very funny to see a cute lady having a character like that.  At first, it looks very offending to the family but later on as they gaze upon her--- she was smiling.  It was very nice of her to be very accommodating, "Thank You."   The family would want to meet her again.
     There were alot of things to see there yet the event  that the family attended was the second day only.  AS for the competition, the crowd was large enough for not seeing very well the stage, but hey, you can hear them clearly.  The family wished that they were part the bidding because some of the items were precious and authentic.  Its quite a challenge and a great thing to participate in the stage sometimes because the event really focuses on what do really happen up there. Not on whose walking in front of your or whose camera is flashing.
     The family still plans to attend more event in the future because it serves as one of there gathering.  Also, something else do happen there.  New people, new friends, new items, and new knowledge are some of the things they brought home during the event.  They know that though cosplay events are being ruined, being there is just what do they like.

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