Thursday, June 30, 2011


Lately, news has reached me that some foreign Cosplay groups began to criticize our local Cosplaying scene.  They tell that Filipinos suck at cosplaying, and that we are a disgrace to the Cosplay community worldwide.  Alodia is just plain goddess’ shit, and monkeys are much better in cosplaying than we are.  If true, then the blog of GamerTotoy and his friends would be justified.

Well, the question is, is it really true?

I know those who found the time (and endurance) to read this would react violently.  Or go ballistic.  Heck, who could blame them?  We Filipinos are very nationalistic; one innocuous joke about our race would provoke an outrage that could even lead to the Philippine Congress declaring the offending party persona non grata here!

But then, on a second thought—without the nationalistic prejudices involved—are those criticisms justified?

Let me tell you the current scene of the cosplay community here in the Philippines.  Ever since Alodia Gosengfiao came to the spotlight and is bestowed the title ‘Cosplay Goddess’, the word ‘Cosplay’ became the byword of everyone who wants to grab their own 15-MINUTES OF FAME.  From a relatively obscure hobby to a mainstream madness, people from every walk of life found a new way to stardom.

Which is exactly a far cry from what it had been, years ago.

Never mind the cardboard props, or the soft, jingly rubber suits, Philippine Cosplay community today is plague by people who wanted to become popular or make money.  Attitude has all but disappeared from the participants.  Some cosplayers don’t even know the character they are cosplaying!  And look, when they had their fill of their 15-minute fame, they act as if they’re the best among the elite cosplayers in the world!

Cosplay is a combination of two words:  Costume and Play.  Costume, in this case, means a set of clothes that is unique to a person or a character.  Play here is translated as a dramatic performance.  So in other words, Cosplay means dressing yourself after your favorite character and then giving out a performance.  And when it says performance, it’s not just your typical sword-swinging, low-jumping, Indian-like screaming you see in most cosplayers nowadays.  TRUE COSPLAY IS ALL ABOUT GIVING LIFE TO YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER and not that character breathing life to your own pathetic existence.


Unfortunately, however, instead of using those scathing comments as a ticket to improvement, many chose to become reactionary.  They chose the path to idiocy; declaring a ‘COSPLAY WORLD WAR’ even though they haven’t got any idea of how the hell on earth will they wage that kind of war!  For them, the quality of Filipino cosplay is all about cardboard props, rubber suits, and the worst of all—HALF-ASSED ATTITUDE ABOUT COSPLAY ITSELF.

Are you still wondering why those foreigners scoff at our cosplay?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mind Power

I was inspired by an old anime. It taught me to be careful of what you wish for.

When we say mind, it does mean what you think about anything. The mind is a powerful tool of creation, blessed by the Cosmic Eye into humanity.

It allows you to create, erase or change some things in your life. The mind is yet something that some people lack of(I mean it literally).

Ever wonder why there are times that you lost something or somebody that you know of? Why something like getting a prize on a contest or being recognized is easy but somewhat difficult to others? Why some people are able to get their dreams come true quite fast as ABC? It is because they use their minds to create these situations. When they use their minds, ideas flow onto you like water.

In the End of Evangelion, Shinji was given a chance to create what he wished for. After the destruction of Kaoru and Asuka and some reflections about how others view him, he ended up wishing for a world for himself and the others "just die". He used his mind(figuratively) to create a situation like that picture above, a world of his own "where he exists everywhere and he exists nowhere". Eventually, he rejected that world and went back to reality.

Before that happened, in the whole Evangelion storyline, the men behind the creation of these mechanical beasts, envisioned about the arrival of the angels with the help of the Dead Sea Scrolls. With their minds agree about this said disaster, they responded to prevent this by creating the evangelions using the angels' DNA: Adam's DNA(see picture above). Their minds created a possibility of mankind's survival and also their own "Instrumentality" by which mankind will be under their control once the they survive the attack of the angels.

You see how mind is powerful? It might serve you a lot if you are able to use it the way it should be. The learning of how you'll be able to get what you want using your mind will come if you have wished it at the bottom of your heart.

Be careful though, it could be a double-edge sword if you use it the wrong way.


‘Do you already have a girlfriend?’

Ah…the classic question.  If I answered it honestly, it would be followed by:

‘Why?  Aren’t you missing something in your life?’

To be frank, I’m already 22 years on the surface of this planet and yet, I haven’t got a single girlfriend.  Not even once.  And I sure get irritated when confronted by that question.  No, not because of my ‘pathetic’ situation, but because of your pathetic way of thinking.  I’m honest with you.

Okay, go ahead and laugh.

So what?

Yes, that’s my response to your reaction.  But I can’t blame you.  After all, a healthy 22 year-old guy couldn’t live through his life without a girlfriend!  Well, if that’s what you believe, then I’m not in a position to contest that mind of yours.

But if you’re interested in a little bit of history, err…no, story, you could continue on reading my journal.  It’s a little story about myself.

It would be ridiculous if I tell you I don’t have crushes…unless, I’m a proud member of the third kind (which I would refute.  I’M A HEALTHY HETEROSEXUAL MALE, don’t ask about it later on!)  As far as I can remember, since my first grade in elementary up to second year in college, I have at least one girl that I admired.  For romance, I have two—one in high school and one in college, though the one from my high school years still linger (ouch, it hurts!) on my heart.

What turned me into a ‘pitiful’ virgin?

First thing, my bitterness.  Yeah, I admit I’m still suffering from the after-effects of being rejected outright by the girl from my high school years.  I don’t care what you say; I’m only human, and being one is entitled to have those kinds of feelings.  Maybe for you; you can easily forgive and forget, but I’m not you.

You may ask, how long will I wallow in this bitterness?

Depends, though it is not as hurtful as it was eleven years ago.  Time heals wounds.  And wounds mold your heart.  Whether it is something for the better or for worse is entirely up to you.  As for me, I think for what’s better for myself.

Second, I have a dream.  No, I’m not going to have a Martin-Luther-King-like rhetoric here.  I really do have a dream.  I wanted to become a writer, a graphic novelist in particular, and I feel that having a girlfriend right now would only weigh me down.

Now, I’m going back to the question stated above.  ‘Am I missing something in my life?’

Probably.  I don’t have a girlfriend.  But then, when I think about it, maybe I should also ask you the same question. 

Aren’t you missing something in your life as well?

The life where you can live with no worries.  Where you can sleep well into the night without someone bothering you to send him or her an SMS telling the generic ‘Good Night.  Sweet Dreams’?  A life where you can go everywhere you like with whomever without someone tagging along and turns annoying when he or she isn’t enjoying the trip?  A life where you can be on good terms with everyone because you don't have a hurtful past to go back to?

A famous quotation says, ‘You can live your life once’.  It is true.  I’m enjoying my life as it is right now, like how you enjoy yours…plus an extra baggage called boy/girlfriend.  As for me, if she would come, she would definitely come.  If not, well, it’s a ‘thank you’ still, because I’m saved from unnecessary responsibilities.

After all, I’m still alive and kicking for 22 years already…and without a girlfriend!

Decaying from Within


We often hear, see and read that word nowadays.  Be it on television, radio, newspaper, and even on the streets you could hear people shouting 'rights here, rights there'.

Everyone wants to have and avail their rights.  And who wouldn't?

Rights equates to freedom.  Freedom to do the thing that is included in that rights.  Rights for humans to express themselves.  Rights for animals to be treated with respect.  Rights for the environment to be taken care of.  Rights of gays and lesbians to marry someone of the same gender.  Heck, with the rush of freethinking ever since it started with the Renaissance in Europe during the 16th century, everything you can think of is possible to have 'rights'...even FICTIONAL, LITERARY children have rights to be protected from the 'abuse' of real-life pedophiles!  (Hey, you may think that is stupid, but you see, it is one of the basis of the recent 'manga-ban' in Japan.)

I can't help to mutter, 'has the world gone mad?'


Although it may seem to be like your everyday word, Order can become the exact opposite of Rights.  Why is that?  

You see, though it is intended for good, excessive implementation and adherence of Rights can lead to abuse, and the abuse of Rights brings forth Chaos.  Now Chaos and Order can be in the same room at once, isn't it?  And you can't tell me that we can discipline ourselves and self-regulate because one of Humanity's greatest failure is to control himself--history is my witness.  

Take these for examples.  

We shout 'FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION'.  In a democratic society, yes it is granted.   But then, we commit vandalism, hurt our neighbors, slander our friends...and that's 'freedom of expression?'

We claim to protect the rights of the unborn, yes.  But how about those who were already born, unable to even feed themselves once a day?  How are we protecting them?

We demand equality for everyone, but why are we immediately disappointed when someone would tell you to be quiet because it's already nighttime and your singing in the full-volume karaoke is awfully out-of-tune?

Have we forgotten that every Right is never free?  That there's the word 'RESPONSIBILITY' attached to it?

And now, some of us push for same-sex marriage, saying that it is a right, throwing the SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE and  FAMILY--THE FUNDAMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR FREEDOM TO LOVE--OUT OF THE WINDOW!

We hide the truth of how selfish we were under the umbrella of 'Rights', disregarding that others also have rights.

Ah...if we are only to realize how to give up our rights for the rights of others--that is, RESPECT--then this world would be a much better place.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

When Everything You Believed in is Betrayed

A picture of a happy family.  The feeling of security that emanates from your father and your mother’s smiles.  The warmth that engulfs you every time you arrive at the doorstep of your home.  Kindly words that would accompany the moment you open the doors, and the nice smell of the food being lovingly prepared.

Such is a distant dream.  If possible, you don’t want to wake up.  However, the moment you open your eyes—reality comes smacking in, smashing what little flicker of hope remains in your heart.

Then you realize, they’ve betrayed you.  Everything, everyone, every belief that you’re holding on to.  Broken, pulverized into pieces, thrown into the vanishing air.

It hurts so much when you see that beautiful house, those pretty ornaments by the table, this well-kept garden, your family going around, and yet there’s something that keeps you all apart.  An invisible wall, no, better be an invincible wall—because not even love, faith could broke down the differences. 

Family?  Ha!  Ha!  Is yours even worthy to be called ‘family’?  Isn’t it more proper to address you as a ‘group’?  ‘A bunch of people’?

Why do people love?  Why do they bind themselves into life-long relationships only to break apart in the end?  They claim to love everything about that person when they make their vows before the God they revere, yet when trying times come they curse their partners to their face.  They make a living proof of their romance; maybe two, three, four or more children, but those aren’t enough.  Have they forgotten their promise to accept and adapt to each other’s difference?  Their feelings before marriage must be fake then, or should we properly called ‘lust’!

They tell you their grievances, injustices made to them by their partners.  You try to understand them as much as possible; however, it all boils down to the fact that everyone is indeed selfish.  Those who are caught in the crossfire are the real victims—the children.  Those who for many damn years believed that their family is one of the best in the whole world.  Those who believed that they can boast about their mother and father’s love for each other.  Those who believed that they have a stable foundation to stand on when everything else turns against them.

They’ve destroyed a beautiful institution heaven had granted to mankind.  They’ve destroyed a young heart full of ideals.  They’ve destroyed a warm, lovely dream set in a child’s mind.  That’s how selfish those kinds of parents are.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Loving Yourself

I know.

It is sometimes embarrassing to talk with other people you don't know, or barely know.

For someone like me who filters' his friends' list on social networking sites, it is not surprising that I don't have many friends.  However, for others, their Facebook accounts maybe overflowing with 'friends' but when reality kicks in, you'd be shock to know that most of those 'friends' barely know you or worse, would throw you the 'Do-I-know-you' look when you meet them on the street.

No.  I'm not here to rant about deep relationships or something in line with that, I'm here to talk about loving yourself, as the title says.

It is easy to declare that you love yourself, in public or in private, outside or inside, whoever and whenever you please.  However what is difficult is its application--the 'action' part.  Why do I say this?  Isn't it a proof that when someone praises you for something that you've done, you would say, 'NO, IT'S UGLY' when you can always say 'Thank you for the appreciation!'?  You want to be humble, or at least appear to be one, but at the cost of bringing down yourself.

Let me tell you one thing.  When you do something with all of your knowledge, give all your efforts, and sometimes even make sacrifices, IT IS NEVER UGLY.  True, it may need improvement, but heck, everything needs improvement--even the art critics has something to criticize about famous masterpieces in the world, or else they won't be a critic!

Another is when you see some of your friends talking to a hell lot of people, jealousy kicks in.  No, not that kind of jealousy where he or she is talking with a beautiful somebody, but the type of jealousy that forms when the question of 'Why is my friend can talk to so much people easily while I am here taking forever to muster courage to even say hello to the waiter?' forms in your mind.

Do you believe that every person is an individual?  Do you believe that each and every one of us has a different personality?  Do you believe that we all have diverse backgrounds and approach to problems?

If your answer is yes to most of the questions above, then you believe that you are different from others who are also different from you and the other person next to you (if any).  Having said that, IT IS NEVER WRONG, NOR BAD TO BE DIFFERENT.  WHAT MAKES THIS WORLD INTERESTING IS THE DIFFERENCE EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL HAS.

Yes we do have weaknesses, but we also have our strengths.  That sociable friend of yours and even that person sitting (or lying, or standing) next to you has his or her share of strengths where you can find help, and weaknesses where you can relate to.  So what if you're embarrassed around others?  If you can't even start a conversation with an utter stranger?  That's the way you are!  If you change yourself, it's your call.  But you're fine as you are, having been able to live from infancy to your present state as you are!  What's wrong with that?  Aren't you glad of your own uniqueness?

My point, aside from the famous beauty is in the eye of its beholder, is that no one would love yourself the most other than yourself.  In the end, you alone is the only one that would remain faithful to you.  Friends and families come and go, either by death or they leave you, but it is utterly impossible for you to leave yourself!  So go out there and start LOVING YOURSELF!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


First of let’s be clear about myself.  I’m a Filipino.  My parents, though my mother had a quarter of Spanish blood, are both Filipinos.  My siblings are Filipinos, too.  So therefore, you can conclude that our family is a family of Filipinos—no matter how much I speak English in this article.

With that said, have you noticed the title ‘A Nation of Hypocrites’?  Do you know this particular ‘Nation’ I’m referring to?  For those who had a hunch, you’re absolutely correct.  I’m referring about us, Filipinos.

Yes we are hypocrites.  I am a hypocrite.  You are a hypocrite.  Everyone else in our race is a hypocrite.  Why did I say so?  First off, you’re reading my article in English.  Let me tell you again, I’m a Filipino, not an Englishman or American.  Heck, even our Constitution is an evidence of us being hypocrites.  One line even states ‘THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT IS FILIPINO’.  If possible, we would kill others who speak in ‘ridiculous, error-filled grammar’ in English.  Even some universities, which are supposed to cultivate love for the nation, would penalize students who’d speak Filipino, boasting that they’re ‘English-only’ campuses.  Now how’s that for being ‘PROUD TO BE PINOY’?

Oh and not only that, there’s this issue of corruption, which is, if you listen or watch our daily news programs here you would think that this country wouldn’t live if you take it out of its government.  But hey, corruption is not only a culture in our government, it is also OUR culture.  Let me give you an example.  Picture yourself in front of a pedestrian crossing.  Now you see that the pedestrian light is red.  However, the street is clean of vehicles.  Now what do you do?  Your head would turn left and right and, seeing there’s no vehicle in sight, cross the pedestrian crossing even if the light isn’t green.  You justify your action with ‘No one’s watching’ or ‘The road is empty’, so you can go around the rules.  And now you cry ‘DOWN WITH CORRUPTION’.

Another thing is, we Filipinos like being clean.  One proof of that is we always take a bath everyday.  We clean our houses everyday.  We let loose our dogs to dump their wastes on our neighbor’s yard everyday.  We take the wrappers or plastic cups that we used and throw it either outside the jeepney window or in the sidewalk everyday.  Yes, we like being clean, and to hell with the others and the environment.  The important thing is, WE ARE CLEAN.

Watch the news and you would hear the acronym ‘KKK’, which means ‘Kaklase, Kabarilan, Kaibigan’, or to make things short, NEPOTISM.  We say that’s a big evil; we act like we’re so holy we can’t tolerate it.  But is that the truth?  When you go to the cashier to pay the things that you’re going to buy and you see your friend, what would you do?  Isn’t it you would call him or her and tell that person that he or she can go before you, this so-called ‘singit’ mentality?  Or when in other places like in abroad, isn’t it that you’re willing to give preferential treatment to your own ‘KKK’, your ‘Kapitbahay, Kapatid, Kaprobinsya’?  And yet, we shout ‘DOWN WITH NEPOTISM’.

So now, with all those things said, are you still wondering why you shouldn’t be called a hypocrite?  Do you think you have the right to act like that but the people in the government should be shot in the back?  Remember that the government is the product of its people.  And rules are rules, which can’t be broken—to break it (or go around it), look at another person’s wrong conduct, and claim that you’re the most ‘holy’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘clean’ individual in the world is stupid, ridiculous and hypocritical…which most Filipinos like you and me are.

If you’re so religious then you must remember that God’s attitude towards hypocrites is much worse than his stance towards the so-called ‘bad people’.  Funny thing is, we are a ‘proud Catholic nation’…and yet we act like the Pharisees—the very group of individuals Jesus loathed for being hypocrites.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to Deliver a Bad News

Shoji here, just want to share you a story:


KUMIRIRING ang telepono nang madaling araw....

"Hello, Master Carlos? Si Arnaldo po ito, 'yung

katiwala niyo sa bahay-bakasyunan niyo."

"O, Arnaldo, ikaw pala. Ano't napatawag ka? May

problema ba?

"Um, napatawag lang po ako para abisuhan kayo na

namatay ang alaga niyong parrot."

'Yung parrot kong si Pikoy, patay? 'Yung nanalo sa

bird show?

"Opo, Master Carlos, 'yun na nga po."

"Putris ... sayang! Ang laki pa naman ng nagastos ko

sa ibong 'yon.

Hay, buhay! Teka, ano nga ba ang ikinamatay niya?"

"E, kumain po kasi ng bulok na karne...."

"Bulok na karne? At sino namang salbaheng tao ang

nagpakain sa kanya ng bulok na karne?"

"W-Wala po. Nanginain po siya ng karne ng isang patay

na kabayo."

"Patay na kabayo? Anong patay na kabayo, Arnaldo?"

"E, 'yun pung mga thoroughbred horses niyo, Sir.

Namatay po kasi lahat sila sa pagod, kahihila ng

kariton ng tubig."

"Nasisiraan ka na ba ng bait? Anong kariton ng


"'Yun pong pinampatay namin ng sunog."

"Diyos ko po! Anong sunog naman 'yang pinagsasasabi


"'Yun pong halos tumupok sa bahay niyo.... Tumumba po

'yung isang nakasinding kandila, tapos nagliyab 'yung

kurtina at mabilis na kumalat ang apoy...."

"Ano? Puuut*#*@?!@.... E, may kuryente naman diyan sa

bahay-bakasyunan, a.

Para saan 'yung kandila?"

"Para sa burol po."

"Ano? Kaninong burol?

"Sa nanay n'yo po, Sir. Bigla kasi siya dumating dito

nu'ng isang gabi, walang kaabi-abiso. Lampas

hatinggabi na. Akala ko po magnanakaw. Binaril ko."