Friday, December 23, 2011

"Lady Gon and Spaghetti"

     A female  version of Gon from Hunter X Hunter.  This cosplayer made a genuine idea on doing such.  The weapon, the dress, and the character made her different from the others.  Nevertheless, she made a beautiful smile and cute outfit for the character.  In fact, the delight of how  "The Old Spaghetti House"  give to the family was so identical for this beautiful lady.
     The Family goes Italian this time, knowing the Storm guardian  craves for pasta.  Choosing from a wide variety of pasta, "The Old Spaghetti House would be perfect."  As the family get there, the ambiance was so supreme, silent and relaxing.  It really matches to remove all the stress from work same to the bearer of the Gon cosplayer. 
Meatball Spaghetti
      The food, Meatball spaghetti was very delicious.  The pasta was just cook perfectly. The meatballs and sauce was outstanding.  

sun dried with grilled spaghetti
Mocha Frost

      Also, the sun dried with grilled spaghetti declared to superb.  The Sky guardian partnered it with Mocha Frost.  The grilled spaghetti was already enough due to the meat and the spices that contains for the dish yet because of the Mocha Frost, craving for another set of food was endorsed.  Grilled spaghetti was also together with a Java Rice.  It was a perfect meal.  The Lasagna with bake cheese and sauces really made the hunger go away.  Just don't eat Lasagna first or you can't eat anything else because its very heavy to the stomach.  In addition, the Spremo made a burst of totally new wave of taste for the family as this type of pizza was laid on the table.  It had green bell pepper and its crust was very thin.  If you hold it, you can make it as a sandwich.  Old Spaghetti House was really great to have an experience to eat there.  Everything simply blended as to remind us of that Gon cosplayer.
Java Rice
     The Family propose to make another visit there someday because the experience was very good.  If ever there would be a chance, the family would be great to encounter that Gon cosplayer again, and for the Old Spaghetti House, feel free to visit them at 55 Ground floor, Ali Mall Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.  Until next eating experience and convention, God bless.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Strike for a pose
    An unwilling or unable to associate in a normal or friendly way with other people.  This is a definition of such word.  People who has some conflict towards strangers or other personality tends to be called by this subject.  Apparently, it often begin  from frustration.  The feeling that you might get hurt by other entities.  In able to protect oneself, moving away from  the others is there option.  Humans usually hate pain.  Its a torture, its very unpleasant, and its not even worth living for.  Everyone is different yet having the same difference could work things out.
Being together
    The resonance of a soul, this is how things come together.  Logic pulls the same mind and brings out a better product.  This is how the family got stuck with each other.  Avoiding people that could hurt a feeling resounds  in each of there character.  On the other hand, perceiving such beauty of a personality also abduct in every angle beyond the family.  Learning to accept is just the basic belief towards one another.  Being too arrogant and losing humbleness is he mere fact that eluding  some people comes into  the mind.  Arrogance, never tried to listen upon what is wrong and what is needed to do.  They are too bitter towards other people who are just worried about there position.  Sometimes, they even want to pull you down as if they are the only one living in this earth.  I know that reasons have there reasons yet they must have a very sturdy basis to compel in able for them to be excused.   Otherwise, justifying a sin is never a a reason.  Compromising ourselves that we do things for the good yet it honor only itself.  I just remember that things is not made because I wanted them thought I just fused things up not putting my own reason for it.
A good sample of An art
     Growing up is part of life.  You know that you had evolve when you  surrender yourself to the rightful knowledge.  "Always know how to humble yourself and never put a bad pride in your heart.  Being self-centered can destroy a good attitude.  Be guided, because our  "BOSS" up there is watching our every moves.

     Take care and God bless. . .
     my fellow guardians

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Monday, December 5, 2011

"Don't Ever Run-Away"

Beef Yakiniku Ramen
     "Scape," a one way  of surviving another day.  The family oftenly do such to avoid conflict and deprivation.  The code "M.T." is what the Sun guardian as well as the Storm guardian call the members of the family. Yet,  each member has a pride that can't be bent no matter what the reason is.  Luckily, for an escape, eating is such a way.  The Stop-over was "Rai-Rai Ken"  in Ali-Mall, Cubao.
     This is a way of how to treat the family.  Before, even in a simple fast-food, it was very classy for the family so forth being thankful and contented for the food on our table is already a huge blessing to receive.  Likewise, being envy for those people who eats bountifully in such restaurant was the feeling but now, even for just a glimpse, the family stays happy as chances come to enter for a munch in  a known restaurant like "Rai-Rai Ken"
Batchoi Ramen
     The family was lucky of taking an opportunity to eat in "Rai-Rai Ken."  They had a promo of 50% off for ramen as you buy a Gyoza for your meal.  The family bought six pieces of Gyoza.  It has a dip of a soy sauce and because of the yummy Gyoza with its filling of certain herbs and meat, the "Gohan" or the plain rice suitably made a great partner with it.  Then, the Beef Yakiniku Ramen was superb due to the tender Beef and the egg noodles that was mixed in just a dish of such. The Batchoi Ramen that includes a mouth-watering Egg noodles, an egg, and soft meat truly put a cold heart around as this meal pours down  to your stomach.  The finishing touch of a sweet "Four Season" drink did made an impact for the whole meal.  It quenches our hunger as all the food was tasted and put down in our stomach.
Four Season
     Wish to invite the whole family even just for once in Rai-Rai Ken.  Thus, only the Storm and Sky guardian was there to eat.  For the record, Rai-Rain Ken is a place to stop-by.  If you want to try them out, just visit them at UGF Unit 01088-A Ali Mall Phase II Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City.

     Until next travel, it was very nice to feel japanese even just for a moment.  Thank you, Rai-Rai Ken.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Request An Encore"

One of the nice cosplayer in the event.
     "Again?"  Or a  demand of an audience for a repetition of a song or act, performance of an additional piece, etc.  This is the definition of the word "Encore"  according to the dictionary.  For the event last  November 26-27, its title is a bit awkward for the theme.  Anyway,  its full of  fun seeing old casualties in one event.  And the Pinoy  Otaku Encore made something else beside from just a show.
     The family had made a small gathering there.  Laughing, roving  around, seeking for new stuff, and mingling to others as well as taking pictures for good remembrance.  The event had different presentation as the family had come to see it.  There were bands playing anime songs.  Cosplay group that performed a small Skit.  Some few funny  moments from the host of the event.  And, the catwalk for individual cosplayers---this was the highlight of the event.  Cosplayers as costripper was very friendly in the event and they are very easy approach.  Maybe they just implement the believe that, "When you are a cosplayer in an event, the public owns your attention."  No matter what it is, they were all nice specially the Black Rozen Maiden cosplayer.  She compels a very heart-warming greet to for all her casualties.  Then, there were famous names in the cosplay community that doesn't need to cos just to take pictures.  Simply, shout her name, afterwards, photographers as well as con-goers will appear  to take a picture of her.  As it was mentioned, they were all friendly.  Some even give thanks as you took picture of them.  They seem to look like in a hurry yet they would  stop  and pose  for your request.  That was just a great  attitude and it also made a great impression for that person specifically "The Mage Cosplayer of the event."  Too bad that the picture that the family took from her was blurred so forth a copy of her picture was no good.  Better yet, She made a great impression besides from her beautiful image.  Anything else, there were booths of souvenirs, food, and photographers.  It was great simply being there.   Thus the best is yet to come.
     The family isn't complete in the event.  Only the Sky, rain, and cloud guardian was there.  Some family  members misses to come though they are too busy because of there work and studies.  There are still more conventions to come but remember this, "Though  there is no convention or event, a family can be together anytime they want.

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