Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Contact Lens"

Cosplayers need this to imitate the character they want to portray.  It really makes a magic to transform a certain person into a n anime.  I just got alarmed by the news that I heard abut this equipment which endanger my fellow  cosplayers.  I, too, uses contact lenses so I felt the urge to inscribe this. 
 In the radio, a D.J. had spoken about the threats of buying a fake contact lens.  The price is not cheaper but you can get it easily from a seller.  The problem is, a legitimate optician/should be the one whom you should buy this equipment.  If you buy it from a none licensed store,you might be in danger.

    ----- Things That You may adhere from buying an illegitamte optician/ophthalmologist or store of contact lens.---

      *You can get a disease.
      *Your money would be spent for the worse and
      *You might get blinded for the rest of your life.

     Even others do share contact lens, but for me, it's a no.  You could adhere a disease by sharing contact lens.  For example, sore eyes,  this is a viral infection.  Once the virus is transferred, it immediately scatters.  But well, its still up to you if you want o happen such things.

     An illegitimate optician/ophthalmologist or store do such things:

     *They won't give the proper contact lens that is suited for you.
     *No assistance on how to use the contact lens properly.
     *They sometimes give you the wrong way to use the contact lens.
     *They won't inquire if its your first time to  wear contact lens.

     We can now buy contact lens through facebook, internet, person to person and a whole lot of new mediums even in sidewalk vendors, but do we know if they are safe or legally registered to sell them.

     Honestly, I'm not telling to never buy another contact lens but I'm giving precautions on buying them.  I, myself, bought my very first contact lens in a legitimate store and I'm very glad I was assisted on how to use it properly.  They were very accommodating and friendly too.  I learn how to  wear it and how to take care of my contact lens.  How will you know if  the contact lens does not suit you anymore,and some sort of things that would really help to maximize the usage of my contact lens.

     By the way, thank you J & B Sunrise Optical located at SM SAVE MORE Gen. Luis Str., Novaliches, Quezon City.  This is where I bought my very first contact lens.  I would really say, the price is just right for what you pay.

     Anyway, I would like to add that it's safe to buy a contact lens when:

     *The name of the Ophthalmologist in on the signage of the store.

Explanation: A professional ophthalmologist won't risk there names on selling fake contact lens for they have studied years for there profession and they also worked hard to earn there license degree.
     *You see a DTI(Department of Trade and Industry) label on your purchase.

Explanstion: This is a proof that the government  authorize the item or the contact lens to be sold.  This also tells that the item is not fake.

     *The contact lens includes a receipt.(A minimal fact but may help)

Explanation: If you have  a receipt, of course, you can go after the store when something bad happens because it's the proof that you get it from them.

I care for my friends so I hope you learn something about this.  Take care guys and God Bless.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

"A Doll Experience"

     It was a Holy Wednesday, April 20 of the recent year. The family always plan but things really don't go well. As things get planned, expect it to be cancelled.  That's how they comply through things.  It is much better to be left unprepared.  This has no big deal yet it collide.  Moreover, the Gatecrasher Family made a disruption in Meidolls Cafe.
     At first, the flow goes well.  Some of the members of the Gatecrasher family arrived in Meidolls Cafe altogether.   The fun already just started by then because they oftenly see each other.  This also sets as there meeting about certain goals and other project to compel.  The ambience was good, relaxing, and comfortable.  Then, if you would be served by cute girls, it's a very plus for those who really want to cool down abit from there everyday life.  On the other hand, one person was lost to get to the cafe.  He pass through the Meidolls and stopped to SM Taytay because of false instruction apprehended.  He then went back to be dropped off in Junction Cainta so forth he will  be nearer to the place.  Nevertheless, this member of the Gatecrasher family arrived last in the Meidolls Cafe yet it was far more better if he had been there in a much efficient duration.
     Afterwards, they had a small feast even though a minor disturbance occur for the gathering.  They eat, drink, and talk alot when they were there.  The food even the beverage was good.  One of the likes the peppermint flavored drink.  The cooling effect of the beverage goes down to the throat and perfectly deflects the heat of the weather.  There sushi roll, its the best.  They didn't notice that the sushi was gone until they were seeking for it.  A conversation is mend by then and they simply keep on talking an munch a little of the sushi to make the conversation alot more active.  They ate several kinds of food there yet these are the dishes that come to be yield for it truly sets a mark. Although, all the food was worth to return for, if ever they have another chance.
Kazuki, Ran, Aruiko, Shoje, and Kirael
     Putting all things together, it was one of the best experience ever.  One was simply wondering if what would the place look like during the eve  because they went there in the afternoon.  He would like to see the lights, the passing and the moving lights of the vehicle down the window, specially--- the stars for the place was in the second floor of the building and the window is a simple see-through glass.  He simply want to see the stars in that place because the place was superb.  They talked that they would visit Meidolls Cafe again but they don't know when.  One of them do really want to thank the warm accommodation of the people whom serve the Gatecrasher family.  Thank you very much Meidolls Cafe and hope to see you soon. . .God bless.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

"Our Collection Of Japanese Names"

Male                                                                                              Female
Akio- shining man                                                                                Ai-love, affection
Daiki-large radiance                                                                             Aiko-love child
Daisuke big help                                                                                  Aimi- beautiful child
Hiroki-big tree                                                                                     Akemi-bright and beautiful
Hiroshi-generous                                                                                 Amaya-night rain
Isamu-courage, bravery                                                                       Aoi- hollyhock
Kaito-ocean, seek deep                                                                      Ayaka-colorful flower
Kazuya-peaceful child                                                                         Ayano-of color, from love
Kenta-healthy and stout                                                                      Chiyo-1000 generations, eternal
Kiyoshi-pure                                                                                      Chiyoko- child of 1000 generations
Makoto-sincerity, truth                                                                       Fumiko-Literary or scholarly child
Manabu-studious                                                                               Hana- flower, blossom
Masao-righteous man                                                                        Haruka-far away
Masaru-victory, win                                                                          Hitomi- pupil of the eye, eye
Minoru-fruit, seed                                                                             Hotaru- firefly
Naoki-straight tree                                                                            Kaori- fragrance, aroma, perfume
Nobu- prolong, delay                                                                        Kazuko-peace child
Osamu-ruler                                                                                      Keiko-happy child
Ren-lotus                                                                                          Kumiko- long time, beautiful child
Riku-land                                                                                          Mai-dance
Ryo- cool, refreshing                                                                         Mami-true beauty
Shigeru- to grow thick                                                                      Mayumi-true bow
Shin-true, reality                                                                               Megumi-blessing
Shinichi-first son of Shin                                                                   Misaki-beautiful blossom
Shiro-fourth son                                                                               Miu- beautiful feather
Shou- soar, fly                                                                                 Moe- bud, sprout
Shouta- soaring, big                                                                         Nanami-seven seas
Shun-good horse, speed                                                                  Natsuki- summer love
Souta-quick and thick                                                                      Rin-cold
Susumu- advancement, progress                                                      Sachiko- child of happiness
Tadashi- correct, righteous                                                              Sakura- cherry blossom
Takumi-artisan, carpenter                                                               Setsuko- child of the festival
Takuya- creative                                                                            Tomoko-child of wisdom
Tetsuya-Arrow of philosophy                                                        Umeko-plum child, plum blossom child
Tsubasa- wing                                                                              Yoko- sun child
Tsuyoshi- strong child                                                                   Yoshiko- good child
Yoshio- righteous man                                                                  Youko- sun child
Yutaka- abundant, plentiful, rich                                                    Yumi- beauty
Yuudai- great hero                                                                       Yumiko- child of beauty
                                                                                                   Yuuka- pleasant scented
We are planning things like this.

     These are few of our collections which we took reference for some of our story.   I know some cosplayers have these names and I simply want to share this so that we all have knowledge about them.  I hope this boost up your information.  Happy reading and God bless gusy. . . .

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Friday, April 15, 2011

"Heaven And Death"

Heaven and Death
     Heaven prevails  the works of a just while Death is inevitable for a living creature.  Two different persona but there is one similar point out, a connection to Hell.  We all know that Heaven always oppose the action of Hell but for Death, a sudden side is inconsistent.  People believe that Death is an alliance of Hell.  It is not true.   Death only connects the path f the inequity to them.  They make the living give there proper reward after life.  Moreover, Death benefits in the words of Heaven due its existence belong to them.
     Acquainted, they may be connected to each other.  I can't call Heaven and Death as friends for I don't have any evidence about that.  Let me see, friends are connection which attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.  This is the definition of friends.  In feelings of affection,there is no entry about that but in personal regard, I think there is.  Death conveys  a personal acquisition to lead a none living  to there path.  This is there job.  I know Heaven always made a good connection to Death so fort they have nice flow  of communication.  On the other hand,   Death always choose the side of Heaven whenever Hell made a move to destroy them.  It is just that, for the reason of equality and cycle.
     There are times that Heaven and Death doesn't conduct an identical reason.  One will work according for its own objective.  A situation existing between friends.  Sometimes, they cannot help you for some apparent issue yet a friend do aid  as much as they can.   This is very  certain nowadays.  I simply hope it would be a great day tomorrow although things aren't going well here.  Just like what Shoji Kagami  said to describe a friend, "There is no perfect friend but trying to be one is worth it."

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Monday, April 11, 2011



Orange Young Sprite- Orange colored young sprite looking for a pet.
Blue Elder Sprite- Blue colored old sprite which is the guardian of Orange Young Sprite.
Light Green Bear- The first animal that orange young sprite.
Yellow Lion- Brawling with Orange Elephant, second animal to inquire the Orange young sprite.
Orange Elephant-   Brawling with the yellow lion, third animal to inquire the Orange young sprite.
Green Rabbit- The forth animal that orange young sprite barge into.
Blue Cat- The fifth animal that orange young sprite barge into.


Scene 1: Home #1

     One day a young sprite requested a pet to an elder sprite.

Orange Young Sprite:  Which pet is favorable to bring home?

Blue Elder Sprite:  Look into the forest to know which is which.

Orange Young Sprite: Can  I really find something there?

Blue Elder Sprite: "You will never know what to have until you seek for it"

So the Orange Young Sprite understood this words then straight up to the forest.

Scene 2:   At the forest #1

     The young sprite saw a bear.

Orange Young Sprite:  Can you come withe me and be my pet?

Light Green Bear:  No, I  don't want to be anybody's pet.

Orange Young Sprite: Why?

Light Green Bear:  I belong to the wild free from the chains and cages which I don't deserve to be.

Orange Young Sprite:  Forgive me, but at least, I'll treat you as a friend.

Light Green Bear:  Thank You. . .

Then the Orange Young Sprite continues to walk.

Scene 3:  At the forest #2

     The young sprite barge to a brawling Lion and Elephant.

Orange Young Sprite:  Excuse me fellows, can  anyone of you be my pet?

Yellow Lion:  Nah. . . I'm the king of the jungle, I don't follow anyone.  No matter how big and who your are, like this elephant here.

Orange Elephant:  I don't want it neither..  Even though this lion scratches and wounded me like this--- I don't belong in someone's cage or anything.  Besides, I won't fit to your house if I become your pet.

Orange Young Sprite:  Forgive me about the things that I do not know but, still, can I call you guys as friends?

Yellow Lion and Orange Elephant:  Sure, its a pleasure. . .

Of that the Orange Young Sprite continues and wonders more. . .

Scene 4:  At the Forest #3

   A hopping rabbit pop-up to his front and . . .

Green Rabbit:  Hello, young sprite.

Orange Young Sprite: Hi

Green Rabbit:  What seems to be your problem?

Orange Young Sprite:  I need a pet and there's no one wants to be.  Can you be my pet?

Green Rabbit:  I want to, but, I don't like to be in a cage being tied or being closed into a small space.

Orange Young Sprite:  Ouch. . . How bad, yet are my friend, right?

Green Rabbit:  Of course, I am, You can often visit me anytime you want in my place.

Next, the rabbit hops and the Orange Young Sprite moves on.

Scene 5:  At the forest #4

   The young sprite walks and come to a cat.

Orange Young Sprite:  Hello, beautiful creature, I notice you unique presence and I come to wish that you'll be my pet?

Blue Cat:  Do you promise to take care of me, feed me, and give me shelter for my needs?

Orange Young Sprite: Yes, ti will be my pleasure.

Blue Cat:  Do you promise, too, that you will never hurt me, cage me, and let me play outdoors so that I can return to you merry and pleasant?

Orange Young Sprite:  Yes, Promise all of that with my hear.

Blue Cat: Lead the way to your home and I will follow to be your pet.  Its been a long time since  I wanted someone to take care for me.

After it, the two straight home where the Blue Elder Sprite is.

Scene 6:   At home #2  
    The home of the Sprite . . .

Orange Young Sprite:  Elder, I brought a cat for us to domesticate and play with.

Blue Elder Sprite:  Wonderful, She's beautiful too.  It would be really great for us to have her.

Blue Cat:  Thank you very much for accepting me.

Finally, they celebrate Blue Cat's acceptance as the Orange Young Sprite's pet.

Scene 7:  At home #3

   Everyone came to join the celebration.

Light Green Bear:  Its a great thing to have a companion of friends.

Yellow Lion:  No matter  what happen, they will be there to stay for good or bad.

Orange Elephant:  When your down, they are the one to pick you up.

Green Rabbit:  As your in bliss, they are apart of you.

Blue Cat:  They are even there whether there is no special occasion  or just ordinary day.

Blue Elder Sprite:  So treasure your friends, for its very hard to find a real one nowadays.

Orange Young Sprite:  Thank you everyone for being my friends.

---The End---
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

"When A Convention Fails"

     Not all conventions or events are fun.  Some may have its uncertainty during its collide.  There could be some disruptions when you come to enter the event:  Guards will stop you enter due to an apparent reason, few had come to attend, the show is boring, and the booths are limited--- even the cost of the entrance is too high.  We normally attend events to have fun and to see some of our colleagues but when unexpected situation comes,we often regret we were there.

---How can you say that the convention is a fail?---

     I already mention a number of reasons for a fail convention earlier.  I'll just set an example of an event which really seems to be a fail.

UP AME Track 10- Rhapsody of the rain

1.  It is one of the most awaited event of the year.
2.  Not all people can enter the venue.
3.  The venue is not fit for the number of attendee.
4.  Sadly, the organizers didn't expect the number of crowd that will attend the event.

     The event was already marked on the calendars of some when they hear UP AME.  We too did a preparation for that event as we noticed the date ti was settled.  The saddest part is, not all of our companions come to see what's inside the event.  I know a few that came from the provinces simply to attend the event in able to have fun.   Nevertheless, the organizers gives there public apology for what had occurred during that event.


     I'll just include this because the result of the event reaches me though I have few information of that convention.  What I heard was:

1.  Few had come to this event.
2.  Some cosplayers are not allowed to enter.
3.  As a fact, there are more people outside the main venue.
4.  Some says that the entrance fee is not applicable for the event.

     There are more events that they call us a "Fail" when the people come to expect something yet they didn't see it there.  I only mention this two for these are just few that I recall.  You know what, the worst thing of that a convention couldn't have is a cosplay competition.  People also come because of that and I notice, its the main attraction of a convention.  Its alright to have no cosplay competition, sometimes, yet the organizers should make up for it  if they come to neglect that portion.  Therefore, we should be prepared to an event so we can easily adjust through certain situation.

  Emceeiee NyawNyaw meant to recommend this words when a convention fails, he is a known cosplayer and an often event attendee, "Its alright when a convention fails, as long as your friends are with you, it is still fine."

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