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Gatecrasher Family Timeline

good day it's me, Shoji. This is actually a backtrack of Gatecrasher Family

Year 2001 - Marikina High School days
Shoji and Marc Angelo became friends
Ranjo, Kazuki and a certain Archie became friends

Year 2002 - Marikina High School days
Shoji, Marc Angelo met Ranjo and became friends.
Archie and Kazuki were transferred to different sections
Ranjo introduced Archie to Shoji and Marc Angelo
they were called F4
Kazuki and Shoji met at a Science Quizbee, Shoji got eliminated in the Semis when Kazuki won and they became friends after some introduction from Ranjo.
Kazuki introduces manga arts to Shoji and Ranjo.

Year 2003 - Still on High School days
Kazuki left Marikina High School due to some government policy
Shoji, Marc Angelo, Ranjo and Archie are still friends
Archie got some issues with the school and was forced to repeat a year.
Kazuki still stayed in touch.

Year 2004-2005
Kazuki was transferred(again) to another school and have some issues with his time due to the distance of his home to school
Ranjo and Shoji got seperated from Marc Angelo due to transfer of sections.
Archie lost contact with the rest.
Kazuki, Ranjo, Shoji and Marc Angelo stil kept in touch.
Eventually Kazuki went on to his path of Mangaka while Shoji stopped drawing and does story writing instead. From there the Gatecrashers name was made.

Year 2005-2006
Aruiko, Kazuki, Kirael and Ranjo enrolled at PUP and became friends
Shoji stopped studying
Marc Angelo enrolled at FEU

Year 2007
Aruiko, Kazuki, Kirael and Ranjo stayed strong.
Shoji got his first job in the call center industry
Marc Angelo continued studying but still kept in touch with the rest
Kazuki and Ranjo introduced Aruiko and Kirael to Marc Angelo and Shoji
The project Gatecrasher story was realized by Shoji but not materialized

Year 2008
Shoji resigned to his job and took another call center job
Marc Angelo kept in touch with the rest and became friends with Aruiko and Kirael
Aruiko, Kazuki and Ranjo got involved into a band practice. Shoji became friends with Aruiko.

Shoji became friends with Kirael after joining the Gateway Treat.

Year 2009 -
Kazuki and Shoji transferred house
Aruiko, Kazuki, Kirael and Ranjo graduated from College.
Aruiko landed with a call center job.
Ranjo moved out when the typhoon struck
Marc Angelo stayed in touch.

Year 2010 - The Birth of Gatecrasher Family
Aruiko began cosplaying while Kirael started attending conventions.
Best of Anime event - The birth of the name Gatecrasher was posted in the event freedom wall and the first cosplay of Shoji. That time as well we almost got completed.

UP Ame - This was the time the we met Rina Desu, the photographer. We were also introduced to the group Philippine Anime Otaku. Rina became a part of the Gatecrashers under Aruiko.

Cosplay Got Talent - Here we met Satsui. I didn't get to know at first that she is a member of the Philippine Anime Otaku group.

Cosplay Fever - We for the second time, almost got completed.

December Toycon - Gatecrashers met the National Youth Anime Kinship Organization. Also Satsui suprised us by putting the Gatecrasher Family logo on her pic.

December 21, 2010 - the Gatecrashers became completed and now was named Gatecrasher Family.

Year 2011 - Progress

Photoshoot done by Rina and the rest of NYAKO.

Rina Desu became the 7th independent member of Gatecrasher Family

Satsui was proclaimed the 8th member of the Gatecrasher Family under Shoji

Thursday, March 24, 2011


     If your in Korea, Its Manwa.  If you talk in English, its comics.   Moreover, the title itself is a term from Japanese.  Nowadays, its been very less heard from our country because of how fast and how alluring the entertainment section can be.  There are televisions, radio, and internet.  Few only had the guts to continue a passion for this yet, because of them, they keep this field alive.  I've come to gather some information about Manga and include some works of my family members too.  Hope this will be added to your knowledge guys.

"Some of the popular terms and styles of Manga"

     In other words, "Boy's Manga."   Its normally about adventure and action aiming for boys 8-18 years old.  Its the most known style and usually major fight scenes.  The level of violence concerning this type of manga may be preferable to older readers. Eventually, some from this style are available in Anime even translated in american version too.


     Meaning "Girls' Manga."  Less action, more story, and concentrates on romance. Those are what I concluded about this style.  Some said that this is the second most popular style of manga.  Shoujo manga is normally focused towards female readers age 12-16.


an upcoming work of Kazuki Saiyuri
     This is a variation of Shonen Manga.  Its series contains more graphic violence and adult situations.  This style of manga focuses on male readers age 18-30.

     Known as "Women's comics."  It concentrates at young working women ages 21-30 and housewives.  No more further information gathered.


    "Who the hell wouldn't know about this style of Manga?"  Literally, it means "pervert" manga according to what they call this.  Just to define it, this style centers more pornographic comics or manga.  It suits any age that do degrade any morals.


     Or "Historical Manga," this focuses more actions and battle.  It is well-defined through some as "action-packed and battle-oriented."


   Short term of Mechanical.  This style contains giant robots and enormous fighting machines.  Whether of human-based or beastlike, they fall to this type of style.


   One of the most famous manga style.  It has "Cute Girls" with sometimes funny animals.  This type of manga had produced various known series with "Out of this world stories" yet come to enjoy the readers.

   Stories about "Beautiful Boys"---Not gay manga.  They are made for teenage girls that features very pretty yet almost effeminate heroes.  The story oftenly portrays guys with merely perfect capabilities of everything.

     Still, there are many terms and styles of Manga.  I do not know all of them yet some may fall to subcategories of the above mentioned types which are:


    "Boy's Love"


    "Girl's Love"

     The above two are under the class of gay manga.

   "Children's Manga,"  Children 6-10 years old are the main stream for this style.  It is a sequel of Bishoujo, Shonen, or Shoujo style of Manga.

A sequel of Kazuiki's work
    I wish that it boost your knowledge about manga.  Just to insert guys,our visual illustrator, Mr. Kazuki Saiyuri, is also a manga artist.  His works are far more ahead than ours knowing it is his passion.  Still, we're very proud of his outcome whenever he comes to showcase us his works.  Try to expect more of him here, from the Gatecrasher Family.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

"The Biggest Names:, CNPH, and CPG"

NOTE:  Organizations are not to scale.  They are just opinions of the author.  Further more intentions are void.
     In cosplaying, there are groups or organizations that are always present.  They are always there to organize the event or simply to participate.  I always come to hear this organization when a cosplay occur so I simply gather them up here. Avatar
     The very famous of them all,, they were there even there even when facebook doesn't already exist.  There website is the most prominent site if you come to be a cosplay event attendee.  They set dates from where and when an event will be held and for it, they truly deserve there place in this community.  This group has a page on thee site which contains a calendar that enlist all events within a month.  I know, they are the first one who come up with that idea.  And for that, coplayers even an ordinary event attendee can easily access on recent event.

     Then come CNPH. They are like that settles events and photos for the cosplayer yet they do it n far more unique way.  CNPH stands for Cosplay Network Philippines, I know everybody know that , except you aren't familiar in the cosplay community, you wouldn't know them.  CNPH is far more active in facebook so they come to arise quickly.  Also, they have there own Photographers and that's why they come very known for cosplayers.  For they are the one who took pictures of cosplayers, put there watemark on it, and put it on the facebook so people will easily share there photos.  I think that they are pushing blogspot right now. For in there, news and certain articles about cosplayers are being post.  Moreover, they have to be very clever to think of ideas such as that.

     Next is CPG.  As far as I see, they seems identical to the earlier organizations yet this one focuses on photography.  CPG means Cosplay  Photographers Guild, an organization that concentrates about cosplay photos.  This group seems to have the numerous account inside the web.  I don't want to recall them yet there is one which always reminds me of them, there deviant art account.  Its because of them, I remember that photos can also be submitted to that website.  I only come to submit my artwork there whenever I have funds to scan my works. For it, CPG is know for for the cosplay community.
     In addition, if your inside the otaku community, much more broad in the cosplay community, you will come to recognize this two respected name: The Anime Alliance and PAO.  These two created a name and excelled by there own fields.

  I'll introduce first Anime Alliance.  They come to organize events,just like the others,and participate in them too.  They have there facebook account, and by it, I can often follow the events they handle, and participate.  This group seems to be present is some biggest events in cosplaying.  For it, they aren't just an ordinary organization by then.

     Finally, I personally included PAO because this group may have a good agenda.  Philippine Anime Otaku is the meaning of PAO.  This group suits to help those lonely attendees inside an event.  They have text clan, cosplay group plans, and seasonal group activity.  Its always nice to go in an event with a group because courage is always needed upon participating a cosplay event.  Originally, its founder is Yuki Seto then some continued its goals for the group.  And due for there actions, I wrap this article with them as the finishing touch.
     There are many groups or organizations that are well-known in Otaku community and cosplay community.  I will not try to put them all, for my time will not be enough if I insert them here.  Although these names stands out, every group is remarkable on there own works and I still recall them though they are not included here.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

"The New Family Member: Satsui"

     "We are growing!!!"  The year is simply taking its first quarter yet there are alot of things that had happened.  Avery nice progress for us had occurred knowing we have another person whom we can trust the name of Gatecrasher Family.  Beautiful, meek, and reserve--- those are there description of this youngest family member of ours.  We come to cross with her last year where the Marikina Riverbanks held there very first cosplay event.  It was our very first time to see her there yet the family participated  several events before even thought we are not formally established by then.  After all had past, we boastfully say "Satsui" newest member of the Gatecrasher Family.
     This young lady, Satsui, has a common interest with us.  she is cosplayer, a gamer, an otaku, and much more of an artist herself.  Very artistic in a sense that she know how to portray beauty.  As an otaku, she really likes Deathnote and Vocaloid, knowledgeable about certain terms in the community even oftenly updated upon what's new and what' in.  As a gamer, she loves to play Gaia Online. We would not include if how much time she spend on playing that game but we think she's already playing that game even before we met her.  As a cosplayer, she cosplayed several known characters.  In Deathnote, Misa and Near.  Then, she cosplayed a vocaloid character too.  Maybe in the future she will have more beautiful and great cosplays to astonish the crowd.  Nevertheless, this person contains a genuine character inside, to ever think of doing wondrous things.
     For us, Satsui can become whoever she wants---even a model if possible.  We can't tell what lies in the future for this child of ours.  She would be very good on doing her passion in her own will so we humbly support her to whatever decision she takes. We can say, we are very lucky to have her as part of our family and hope she's happy with ti too.  But for now, We're proud to announce and shout,"Satsui is a member of the Gatecrasher Family.

©Gatecrasher Family 10:34 am March 13 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tumatanda ka na 'tol by Shoji

Pardon me for posting this in Tagalog but I'll post an english version of this soon:


Tumatanda ka na, tol.

Nasa Friday Magic Madness na yung mga
paborito mong kanta.

Parang botika na ang cabinet mo. May
multivitamins, vitamin E, vitamin
C, royal jelly, tsaka ginko biloba.

Dati, laging may inuman. Ngayon,
nagkukumpulan na lang kayo ng mga
kasama mo sa Starbucks at order ng tea.

Wala na ang mga kaibigan mo noon. Ang
dating masasayang tawanan ng
barkada sa canteen, napalitan na ng
walang katapusang pagrereklamo
tungkol sa kumpanya ninyo. Wala na ang
best friend mo na lagi mong
pinupuntahan kapag may problema ka. Ang
lagi mo na lang kausap ngayon
e ang kaopisina mong hindi ka sigurado
kung binebenta ka sa iba pag
nakatalikod ka. Ang hirap nang

Dati halos mamilipit ka sa upuan tuwing
nakikita mo crush mo. Lalo na
kung kissable lips at nakakatunaw ang
katawan. Ilang beses ka nang
sinita ng professor mo, pero tuloy ka
rin sa hallucination mong
kinakausap ka ng crush mo. Pero ngayon
galit ka na sa kanila.
Feeling mo lahat sila manloloko.
Feeling mo wala sa kanilang
seseryoso sayo. Gusto mo na lang ng
anak ayaw mo na ng asawa.

Mahirap nang makahanap ng totoong
kaibigan. Hindi mo kayang
pagkatiwalaan ang kasama mo araw-araw
opisina (Not all the time,
pero kadalasan). Kung
sabagay,nagkakilala lang kayo dahil
ninyong kumita ng pera at umakyat sa
tinatawag nilang "corporate
ladder". Anumang pagkakaibigang
galing sa pera at ambisyon ay
hindi talaga totoong pagkakaibigan.
din at ambisyon ang sisira sa
inyong dalawa.

Pera. Pera na ang nagpapatakbo ng buhay
mo. Alipin ka na ng Meralco,
PLDT, SkyCable, Globe,Smart, at Sun.
Alipin ka ng Midnight Madness.
Alipin ka ng tollgate sa expressway.
Alipin ka ng credit card mo.
Alipin ka ng ATM. Alipin ka ng BIR.

Dati-rati masaya ka na sa isang platong
instant pancit canton..
Ngayon,dapat may kasamang italian
chicken ang fettucine alfredo mo.
Masaya ka na noon pag
nakakapag-ober-da-bakod kayo para

Ngayon,ayaw mong lumangoy kung hindi
Boracay o Puerto Galera ang
lugar. Nasa bakasyon ka pa lang,
mo na na next time out of the
country naman: Thailand, tapos around
the Europe tapos Mediterranean

Dati, sulit na sulit na sa yo ang gin
pomelo. Ngayon,pagkatapos ng
ilang bote ng red wine, maghahanap ka
San Mig Light o Vodka

Wala ka nang magawa. Sumasabay ang
lifestyle mo sa income mo.
Nagtataka ka kung bakit hindi ka pa rin
nakakaipon kahit tumataas ang
sweldo mo. Yung mga bagay na gusto mong
bilhin dati na sinasabi mong
hindi mo kailangan, abot-kamay mo na.
Pero kahit nasa iyo na ang mga
gusto mong bilhin, hindi ka pa rin

Ang problema kasi sayo,
ka sa ibang tao. Feeling mo
dahil lang na-achieve na nila ang isang
bagay, kailangan ikaw din.
Masyado ka kasing insecure. Naiinggit
ka sa kanila. Gusto mong maging
katulad ng kuya mo, gusto mong
makipagsabayan sa kaibigan mo.
Nabubulag ka sa ilusyon na pinapakita
nila. Bakit? Sigurado ka ba
talagang mas masarap ang buhay nila?
Baka nga mas masaya ka pa e.

Saan ka ba papunta? Tol, gumising ka.
Hindi ka nabuhay sa mundong ito
para maging isa lang sa mga baterya ng
mga machines sa Matrix. Hanapin
mo ang dahilan kung bakit nilagay ka
rito. Kung ang buhay mo ngayon ay
uulit-ulit lang hanggang maging
singkwenta anyos ka na,magsisisi ka.

Lumingon ka kung paano ka nagsimula. Sa
totoo lang madali lang namang
lumigaya sa mundong ito. Ikaw lang ang
nagpapakomplikado - ang dami
mo kasing gusto. Tigilan mo na yang mga
reklamo mo.

Ikaw ang nagbago, hindi ang mundo...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Very Own Registered Nurse

     He is the most enthusiastic person I ever encounter.  Now I'm very proud to call him one of my guardian.  This person always put a sunshine to our place for he invigorates us to much, though its far too dark.  Eventually, the guy who could light up a path and removes boredom knowing he has alot of story to tell.  A good adviser and as well as a listener which separates him in a mob.  Moreover, the holder of the Sun ring for the family achieves  one of his  goal.  The name, Angel, had recently passed the board examination for nurses and we, too, are truly honored to call him as part of the Gatecrasher Family.

     Angel is the Sun guardian for the Gatecrasher Family, bearing the sun ring, his characteristics to stay positive no matter what situation he fill-in sets him as its bearer.  For th knowledge or everyone, this enthusiastic guy was very humiliated when he was young.  I will not put things in details but, because of that, he pursue hardwork and dedication towards his progress.  He was very young by then yet some treats him like that.  We often come to talk about it but, as we speak of it, we talk as if its only a joke.  It was true that it happen to him yet we can only look back in the past and work for the future.  In addition, Angel failed his first attempt to take the board examination.  He looks very fine by then but deep inside he carry this pain.  The situation didn't push him to give up.  He continued and took a second attempt for the examination.  Luckily, by this time, Angel passed and gully acquired the title of Registered Nurse.  His long time struggle to achieve what he want is now at hand.   At this moment, no one can ever humiliate him for he earns respect and gratitude considering the efforts this enthusiastic guy had ever given just to conquer his goal.  Shining as always for those who sees him, Angel truly serve as the light of the Gatecrasher Family.

    Blissfully, I am really glad that he is now a Registered Nurse, making me more encourage to tackle for my own dream.  Each member of Gatecrasher Family has dream for these are the reasons they continue though things do not come along as planned.  Apparently, Angel's success is one of the fulfillment we have set for every member and I'm very happy for him.  In behalf of the Gatecrasher Family, "Congratulations, Angel!!" Your Gatecrasher Family will always be on your side.

©Gatecrasher Family 1:34 PM March 1, 2011