Friday, December 23, 2011

"Lady Gon and Spaghetti"

     A female  version of Gon from Hunter X Hunter.  This cosplayer made a genuine idea on doing such.  The weapon, the dress, and the character made her different from the others.  Nevertheless, she made a beautiful smile and cute outfit for the character.  In fact, the delight of how  "The Old Spaghetti House"  give to the family was so identical for this beautiful lady.
     The Family goes Italian this time, knowing the Storm guardian  craves for pasta.  Choosing from a wide variety of pasta, "The Old Spaghetti House would be perfect."  As the family get there, the ambiance was so supreme, silent and relaxing.  It really matches to remove all the stress from work same to the bearer of the Gon cosplayer. 
Meatball Spaghetti
      The food, Meatball spaghetti was very delicious.  The pasta was just cook perfectly. The meatballs and sauce was outstanding.  

sun dried with grilled spaghetti
Mocha Frost

      Also, the sun dried with grilled spaghetti declared to superb.  The Sky guardian partnered it with Mocha Frost.  The grilled spaghetti was already enough due to the meat and the spices that contains for the dish yet because of the Mocha Frost, craving for another set of food was endorsed.  Grilled spaghetti was also together with a Java Rice.  It was a perfect meal.  The Lasagna with bake cheese and sauces really made the hunger go away.  Just don't eat Lasagna first or you can't eat anything else because its very heavy to the stomach.  In addition, the Spremo made a burst of totally new wave of taste for the family as this type of pizza was laid on the table.  It had green bell pepper and its crust was very thin.  If you hold it, you can make it as a sandwich.  Old Spaghetti House was really great to have an experience to eat there.  Everything simply blended as to remind us of that Gon cosplayer.
Java Rice
     The Family propose to make another visit there someday because the experience was very good.  If ever there would be a chance, the family would be great to encounter that Gon cosplayer again, and for the Old Spaghetti House, feel free to visit them at 55 Ground floor, Ali Mall Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.  Until next eating experience and convention, God bless.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Strike for a pose
    An unwilling or unable to associate in a normal or friendly way with other people.  This is a definition of such word.  People who has some conflict towards strangers or other personality tends to be called by this subject.  Apparently, it often begin  from frustration.  The feeling that you might get hurt by other entities.  In able to protect oneself, moving away from  the others is there option.  Humans usually hate pain.  Its a torture, its very unpleasant, and its not even worth living for.  Everyone is different yet having the same difference could work things out.
Being together
    The resonance of a soul, this is how things come together.  Logic pulls the same mind and brings out a better product.  This is how the family got stuck with each other.  Avoiding people that could hurt a feeling resounds  in each of there character.  On the other hand, perceiving such beauty of a personality also abduct in every angle beyond the family.  Learning to accept is just the basic belief towards one another.  Being too arrogant and losing humbleness is he mere fact that eluding  some people comes into  the mind.  Arrogance, never tried to listen upon what is wrong and what is needed to do.  They are too bitter towards other people who are just worried about there position.  Sometimes, they even want to pull you down as if they are the only one living in this earth.  I know that reasons have there reasons yet they must have a very sturdy basis to compel in able for them to be excused.   Otherwise, justifying a sin is never a a reason.  Compromising ourselves that we do things for the good yet it honor only itself.  I just remember that things is not made because I wanted them thought I just fused things up not putting my own reason for it.
A good sample of An art
     Growing up is part of life.  You know that you had evolve when you  surrender yourself to the rightful knowledge.  "Always know how to humble yourself and never put a bad pride in your heart.  Being self-centered can destroy a good attitude.  Be guided, because our  "BOSS" up there is watching our every moves.

     Take care and God bless. . .
     my fellow guardians

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Monday, December 5, 2011

"Don't Ever Run-Away"

Beef Yakiniku Ramen
     "Scape," a one way  of surviving another day.  The family oftenly do such to avoid conflict and deprivation.  The code "M.T." is what the Sun guardian as well as the Storm guardian call the members of the family. Yet,  each member has a pride that can't be bent no matter what the reason is.  Luckily, for an escape, eating is such a way.  The Stop-over was "Rai-Rai Ken"  in Ali-Mall, Cubao.
     This is a way of how to treat the family.  Before, even in a simple fast-food, it was very classy for the family so forth being thankful and contented for the food on our table is already a huge blessing to receive.  Likewise, being envy for those people who eats bountifully in such restaurant was the feeling but now, even for just a glimpse, the family stays happy as chances come to enter for a munch in  a known restaurant like "Rai-Rai Ken"
Batchoi Ramen
     The family was lucky of taking an opportunity to eat in "Rai-Rai Ken."  They had a promo of 50% off for ramen as you buy a Gyoza for your meal.  The family bought six pieces of Gyoza.  It has a dip of a soy sauce and because of the yummy Gyoza with its filling of certain herbs and meat, the "Gohan" or the plain rice suitably made a great partner with it.  Then, the Beef Yakiniku Ramen was superb due to the tender Beef and the egg noodles that was mixed in just a dish of such. The Batchoi Ramen that includes a mouth-watering Egg noodles, an egg, and soft meat truly put a cold heart around as this meal pours down  to your stomach.  The finishing touch of a sweet "Four Season" drink did made an impact for the whole meal.  It quenches our hunger as all the food was tasted and put down in our stomach.
Four Season
     Wish to invite the whole family even just for once in Rai-Rai Ken.  Thus, only the Storm and Sky guardian was there to eat.  For the record, Rai-Rain Ken is a place to stop-by.  If you want to try them out, just visit them at UGF Unit 01088-A Ali Mall Phase II Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City.

     Until next travel, it was very nice to feel japanese even just for a moment.  Thank you, Rai-Rai Ken.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Request An Encore"

One of the nice cosplayer in the event.
     "Again?"  Or a  demand of an audience for a repetition of a song or act, performance of an additional piece, etc.  This is the definition of the word "Encore"  according to the dictionary.  For the event last  November 26-27, its title is a bit awkward for the theme.  Anyway,  its full of  fun seeing old casualties in one event.  And the Pinoy  Otaku Encore made something else beside from just a show.
     The family had made a small gathering there.  Laughing, roving  around, seeking for new stuff, and mingling to others as well as taking pictures for good remembrance.  The event had different presentation as the family had come to see it.  There were bands playing anime songs.  Cosplay group that performed a small Skit.  Some few funny  moments from the host of the event.  And, the catwalk for individual cosplayers---this was the highlight of the event.  Cosplayers as costripper was very friendly in the event and they are very easy approach.  Maybe they just implement the believe that, "When you are a cosplayer in an event, the public owns your attention."  No matter what it is, they were all nice specially the Black Rozen Maiden cosplayer.  She compels a very heart-warming greet to for all her casualties.  Then, there were famous names in the cosplay community that doesn't need to cos just to take pictures.  Simply, shout her name, afterwards, photographers as well as con-goers will appear  to take a picture of her.  As it was mentioned, they were all friendly.  Some even give thanks as you took picture of them.  They seem to look like in a hurry yet they would  stop  and pose  for your request.  That was just a great  attitude and it also made a great impression for that person specifically "The Mage Cosplayer of the event."  Too bad that the picture that the family took from her was blurred so forth a copy of her picture was no good.  Better yet, She made a great impression besides from her beautiful image.  Anything else, there were booths of souvenirs, food, and photographers.  It was great simply being there.   Thus the best is yet to come.
     The family isn't complete in the event.  Only the Sky, rain, and cloud guardian was there.  Some family  members misses to come though they are too busy because of there work and studies.  There are still more conventions to come but remember this, "Though  there is no convention or event, a family can be together anytime they want.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

"I Want More"

One of the beautiful and nice cosplayers at the event
     "They had gone better."  This year, for the UP AME, they had strive to success.  The recent UP AME entitled AME Monogatari held last November 12 at the World Trade Center was a blast.  It was worth it.  The fun, the people, the booth, the place, and the entertainment fused a very great principle for the event.  Compared last year, they made a full return with an interest for there err as this event took its place.
     The event, AME track 10 Rhapsody of the rain, was a convention last year for UP AME.  It was  November 6 of 2010, in hall 2 of SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Complex.  The place  was not suited for all the people who want to go in the event.   Some cannot enter the venue because it was over crowded.  But hey!  This year was different.  The entertainment for the event  was  great.   There were bands, cosplay competition,  and some portions too.  The laughing moment during the event was the cosplay competition.   All  the participants was very great.  They have  there own way to showcase there work.   The thing that I just point at them is,  if they don't hit the mike, they would almost hit the host.  What I"m really proud of was the maintenance that come up to the stage just to keep the safety  of the cosplayers because of the confetti that was being used for there show.  He was  given a round-of-applause  for that  and I also solute him for this job.  Thank you sir maintenance without you, the event wouldn't be that a success for your aid.  Moving on,  the place was World Trade Center.  Its a big place.  Also, its air conditioned so that heat for the outside would be dispersed if you come in.  The booth it was superb yet there were few anime store at the event.  But,  why would you look for anime store if the merchandise that you would need is already there.  The Sugar free and Blue, there merchandise of Gothic dress was cool.  If you want to purchase  from the, you could contact them at 713-28-77.  There dress was very food and high quality.  I really suggest them if you fashion suits there merchandise.  The  sumo wrestling booth made me laugh because of how they do the challenge.  Some games, foods, and the free Cobra energy  drink.  I was really  thirsty when they gave me a free one  of those, thank you so much.  It was just perfect when that drink was given to me because  I was really looking for a drink by then, and to my surprise,  a free-taste of Cobra energy drink was handed to me.  What I really like from the booths was the Geishas Blade.  I would really want to purchase  one of there items.  If I have  the cash by then, I would had buy one of those.   Just check Geishas Blade if you want to know what I'm saying.  Next, the people, there were lots of them.  I would want to make pictures  of different  people there specially the cosplayers.  They were friendly too.  Being nice in an event with other people  would surely make a great deal for an event because it would might give you a new friend.  Lastly, the fun, screaming and laughing inside the event truly made it worth every cent.  There ticket cost 150 pesos yet what I really paid for is the fun. 
     Some of the family members was there the Cloud Guardian and the Rain Guardian was present.  The Eric Lacarde cos for one f the guardian was nice.  Anyway, the family was  there to have some great time and for sure, it was claimed.  This event i a two-thumbs-up.  Hope next year is alot better.   Eventually, the Mist Guardian was also present in  the event.  The Sky Guardian didn't saw his Mist Guardian there  yet it just suits her characteristics, "The one that can't be caught."  Happily, the family was there and made another memory to cherish.
     To wrap this thins up, AME Monogatari earns a salute from the family.  See you again next year.  God bless and more power.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Do I Think COSPLAY is SHIT?

I don't know why, but I keep on pondering about a question given to me by my friends just before we went to a Haloween Vacation.  The question goes something like this, "If I think Cosplay is nonsense, then what do I call my hobby (which is writing graphic novels manga-style)?".  Honestly, throughout the vacation I kept on pondering of what word should I use for my answer, for I felt deeply offended when my close friends even had the stomach of comparing the two.

Now, however, I can finally say that I've found the correct word to answer them.  The word is PERMANENCE.

Some of you might not agree, but I find cosplay a fad--something that will be lost in due time.  If you want to argue, then first give me a famous cosplayer's name back from the 70s, 80s and 90s.  No, don't give me that Alodia shit; she only got famous after being featured in TV, and even in those conditions, only a few outside the anime and manga world and from the Philippines actually recognize her.  And she's even from the 2000s!

In contrast, graphic novels or manga had  a more lasting 'legacy'.  I'll give you 'Gundam' (1979), 'Akira' (1982) and 'Ghost in the Shell' (1989) as examples to prove my point.  If you still aren't convinced, try Marvel and DC Comics.

I am not a fan of things that go away easily, fading into ones memory as time passed by.  I am more into permanent 'legacies', something that will be remembered as time goes by.  That's why I believe COSPLAY IS SHIT compared to making 'manga' or graphic novels.  Call me a 'Purist', 'Demon', 'Racist', 'Idiot' or anything you want, my opinion would never change.

And did I just say opinion?  Yes, it's my own opinion and it may be true or false depending on your experience.  I was just saying my sentiments.  Feel free to argue, but if I don't bite your argument then I think I am entitled to that.  It doesn't make you more inteliigent than I am nor me over you.

Finally, for the last words, even though I think cosplay is crap especially in the Philippines, I don't advocate removing it completely in the events scene.  My point is, I just want others to realize that Cosplay would fade as fast as your short-term memories are, SO INVEST IN THINGS THAT REMAIN PERMANENT.  Another thing is, please give other aspects of an event more time, energy and effort--not everyone is a cosplayer or wanted to be in the spotlight.  

And to my friends, please stop comparing Cosplay from Literature, because no matter how hard or devoted one works at cosplay, it will all fade in one's memory at the press of the 'DELETE' button.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Let's Travel By Eating"

     "Though we can't travel the whole world, at least,  by eating there cuisine we an experience there place."  Pureheart mentioned it while walking inside Gateway.  It's true, because our status today cannot stroll around the world yet by eating a country's  specialty, I can feel the ambiance of that environment through that restaurant as well of there food.  At first, the family planned a pizza restaurant by then.  Yet, it was almost late, so we can only eat in a place that suits our hungry stomach.  The restaurant, "PHO HOA," a very eastern country ambiance with a sense of uniqueness because of the people and the style of presentation of foods.
Pho Hoa Fresh Ice Tea 
     The family doesn't have much time by then---though we are really hungry.  A Beef Stew Large partnered with Pho Hoa Fresh Ice Tea was the combo ignited by the Guardian of Storm.  Honestly, the beef was very chewy and the noodles was firm.  Your tummy will fully get contented as you dip and sip your spoon to your bowl.  Also, they serve a side dish of mongo sprouts with a slice of lemon and leafy dish to make your appetite alot more better.  The Hot sauce and the dip sauce really entice our empty tummy to munch and eat the served dish cunningly.  On the other hand, the other family member known as the sky guardian, ask for a small Chicken Noodle together with a fresh orange juice.  The meat of the chicken was really soft and the leaves that cools your throat as it go down to your stomach makes a new experience for a food for them.  The chicken noodle has a quail egg that is soft and light as it goes through our mouth.  Apparently, this mouth-watering cuisine really makes a bang with the earlier mentioned "Fresh Orange Juice."  Its fresh orange pouring with Vitamin C makes a healthy routine for those people who are taking there diet.  Its leafy and healthy aspect would really help those who watch for the number in scales.
Beef Stew Large
small Chicken Noodle
     The staff was nice to us taking good care of our orders as they serve  us quick.  Remember, in a restaurant, people go there because they are hungry---not simply to wait for there turns.  The quicker the service the better.  Sometimes, whether a food it just ordinary though the service is great, it really makes a good impression for the restaurant because they serve with excellence.  To wrap this thing up, going home was hard after eating because you will really like it there if you don't control your appetite.  Pho Hoa is a place to visit when you are looking for a different cuisine.

     If you want to try our the other dishes, you can visit them at Level 2 Gateway, Cubao.  Happy Eating . . . . God bless.

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Monday, October 31, 2011

"The Truth"

    "The heart of every convention is cosplaying."  One of the family just heard  this from a convention.  He spiel it out as this family perceive such line.  Also, Pureheart, had told that conventions are not really centered for cosplaying.   It is an event where new console games, anime CD's or DVD's are released or other related happenings are said to be mentioned.  All of these are occasionally done in the other country but here, we set conventions to focus on cosplaying.
     In the Philippines, many would like to be famous.  I really say that, "There are many beautiful faces that can be seen  in a convention."  They have there own individual characteristics that helps them to be noticed in an event.  True, they are beautiful.  True, that they catches the crowds eye.  Yet, because of sudden beauty, it change the reason of a real event.  Time do change everything and we only know it when it i s there.   Those young cute ladies that we come to see during convention, they are the one that make an event more alluring.  The only glitch that we get there is the  principle of a convention which sets to be forgotten.  Focus  on cosplayers and not theme for the event., it happen most of the time.  It seems that the, "Lust that crawls to every  people still craves on."   I know it is only a feeling and it sometimes make people happy to mingle with beautiful girls.  Everyone has the urge of belonging.    Loneliness is the one of the feeling an individual do not want to perceive.  In conventions, many people come.  Different types of people. Simply there to have fun and meet others which  that would go along with there hobbies.  It is a gathering where others often less see each other even sometimes old casualties come tan meet there.  Ideas, expressions, all sorts of staff comes in one place.  Not all convention is a success but, the  only success in an event is where true friends gather and have a splendid time together.  In addition, convention is a place where some astonish the crowd upon a wonderful craft---A work of Art.
     Learning is a part of life.  It doesn't end as one graduates from its academic yet still continuous as death takes a part to a body.  I know all of us have our own desire simply have a small thought upon what we are doing.  Is it for the good? . . .Will is aid those in need? . . .Is it for the service of the community? . . . And, would it answer the question . . . "Is it for the truth?"

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Connected In My System"

"makes me hard to take her off"
     Each of us has its own path.  We get to be very far from each other yet the thoughts that touches me when we were together remains.  I remember the tears, the laughter, the  struggle, and the battle.  All of them remains and I can't erase them, we rush to one another as we get  to know someone that is in trouble.  Some of us just keep silence for there problem yet we already know that someone has a problem from us because they don't speak to us.  No matter what situation it comes, the ending is still the same--- happiness.
     I do remember that would want to lay-off  from each other for good.  Yet, it seems very impossible because often a sudden months of boredom, we look and care for each other.  We often argue with one another, tells the truth no  matter how painful  it is, say all we want to say to each other, and due to  so must trust with one another, we say our negative  insights to us, we tell the truth no matter what  happens, because if not, we come to tend to be uncomfortable with each other.
     Its very great to have a friend, who goes through you no matter what situation that occurs.  You cannot call a "Friend"  who only comes during your time of joy.  A true friend stays in sadness and fun even in boredom.  The important thing is to stick together for a couple of times.  Apparently, what terrifies us is a friend that stays for a moment.  They are there to consume all your goods yet when your down, they will just leave you like they don't know you.  I don't  really like these kind of people.  I just do wish that they don't exist.  Well, who am I to talk?  I'm just an ordinary man who looks up in the sky waiting for an apple to fall.
"The Sun Guardian of the Gatecrasher Family"
     We had been together for a long time.  Its the reason why its hard to let someone be part of the family.  If that one would like to stay not just for fun, then that person would be perfect to be one of our fellow friend. . .

"The Mist Guardian Of The Gatecrasher Family"
11:09 am 09172011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Seven Deadly Sins"

     The world's heaviest offending works.  It's acronym is PALAGES and that acronym  is far more easier to be remembered for this.  I'll simply enumerate them afterwards.  In a story, it would make the overall view of a tale more interesting because of the attach lessons and controversy.  Moreover, this article is made for our future reference.  Feel free to view, share, and comment on this so we will know the points of your side.  For the readers, the word inside the parenthesis is the Japanese term for each sin.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
"Seven Deadly Sins"
Pride(Kouman); Conceit

     "P" stands for Pride from the acronym PALAGES.  Conceit is another term for it yet the word "Pride" is a lot more  known for the Seven deadly sins.  Pride is believe as the first sin, all the other sins are derive from it.  The famous tale about Pride is Lucifer.  He is a light-bearer and known as a proud rebellious archangel which had fallen from heaven because of his own desire.

     Pride is also know as the highest sin.  The one who portray such sin only looks for the benefit of its own, doesn't mind his fellow comrade, forgets his friends and family just to achieve his desire. Selfish, a much more better word for this.  Yet, from the series Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, "Pride looks forward unto someone though that someone doesn't look back."  This is how be commit his sin.  The pain that he have inside him pushes Pride to do the wrong thing.  If his pain was eagerly understand, there were suppose to be lesser suffering for him and for the whole world.

Definition of Pride according to the dictionary:
     -Unreasonable conceit; a feeling of one's true worth; a feeling of delight concerning something.
     *The state or quality of being proud; self- respect.

Avarice(Donyoku); Greed

     "A" stands for Avarice in PALAGES.  Greed  is renowned term for this sin.  Some believes that Greed evolves  from Pride though Avarice can also come from the other sin, Pride claims a higher connection  because it is the first sin.  There's  only  a difference  between this two. Greed cares for all his belongings while Pride only cares for his own gain.  The demon named Mammon is the story for Greed.

     Greed is one of the sin that doesn't know the word "Enough."  Contentment fails to perform.  He wants to have everything.  He wants it all for himself: Money, fame, women, friends, and power.  A very protective and sentiment one because Greed doesn't know to let go of what he already have.  If he  has something , it will not be given to the others which are more in need.  He will  take more and would not care if it will lie in waste with him.  Again, from the Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Greed doesn't want to be alone.   He  seeks for the  companion of friends.  The idea of how he gets the favor of someone is his goal.  The pain of being alone is his frustration so he commits such sin, gaining more than what it is needed.  Greed hates to abandon for he knows how it feels when solitude arise.  Luckily, he is being accompanied by the protagonist through the last segment of the series.  The bad thing about it is, Greed doesn't last long enough to enjoy and have fun with his friends.

Definition of Avarice according to the dictionary:
     -An inordinate desire of gain; covetousness; cupidity; greediness.
     * Insatiable greed for riches; inordinate, miserly desire to gain and hoard wealth.

Lust(Nikuyoku); Carnality

     "L" is Lust for the acronym PALAGES.  Carnality, another term for Lust, is grouped to the word  Conceit and Avarice---They are the words that are  lesser used as connected to the Seven Deadly Sins.   Eventually, Lust signifies as one of the lowest sin in the group though the damage is severely massive one it is practiced.  The demon for Lust is Asmodeus.

     Lust claims as the enactment of intense desire for bodily pleasure.  The loss for the priority of what is needed for life tends to be neglected in this sin.   Pleasure is the overall point of Lust.  It kill, steal, break, and degrades because of the crave this sin portrays.  Carnality doesn't  only lie in sexual desire.  The sin, Lust, also holds the worldly pleasure of a human body that gives sensation for it.  Moreover, women is the  symbol of Lust.  There is no specific reason about this.  Thus, almost every story that Seven Deadly Sins are included, women is its main  character.  Like in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, the character for Lust is a woman.

Definition of Lust according  to the dictionary:
     -Strong desire; craving for carnal pleasure: to have inordinate desire.
     *Intense sexual desire of appetite

Anger(Gekido); Wrath

     "A" as the second, is Anger for the acronym PALAGES. Wrath deals with much known name for this sin. It is said that Wrath and Pride binds together.  Wrath couldn't exist without sudden Pride, though Greed and Lust can follow it.  The demon for Wrath is Satan, a supreme adversity for heaven.  The evil spirit that tends to destroy all things.

     Wrath is punishing yourself with the mistakes of the others.  Forgiveness forgets with this sin.  The minor error being brutality punished, the practitioner of the unjust, and giving pain towards its possession plays the action of Wrath.  War is connected to Anger.  It is why a high ranking officer claims to role Wrath.  Besides,  the president in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is the character for Wrath.  He was trained for that position and given the sin.

Definition of Anger according to the dictionary:
    -Excessive emotion or passion aroused by a sense of injury.
    *A strong feeling of displeasure and belligence aroused by  a real or supposed wrong.

Gluttony(Boushoku); Voracity

     "G" is Gluttony of PALAGES.  Voracity binds another name for the sin.  Just like Lust, Gluttony is classed as the lowest sin.  Thus, no matter how small the sin , a sin is a always a sin.  Beelzebub is the demon scattering Gluttony.  Some said that he is one of the Fallen Angel.  The second for Satan is what he is also known.  Furthermore, Voracity is a mix of Avarice and Carnality--- Taking more than enough and the specific crave for pleasure of the body.

     Gluttony is eating in excess.  Too much with what you can handle is very terrible.  Some will go to waste rather than  be used.  The food for   the friend shall be eaten and there will be nothing left for them.  Saying "No" towards food which is given though he is full will never come to perform.  The horrific thing about Voracity, is the none contentment of food which leads to eat its own kind when he find himself nothing to eat. On the other hand, Gluttony is the replica of the Gate of truth.  This is  from the series of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.  This tells that the sin is inside of us though we don't want to face it.  The sin lurks in the reality and we don't know it.  Sometimes, we know it yet we ignore.

Definition of Gluttony according to the dictionary:
    -Eating in Excess.
    *Tending to eat and drink excessively;voracious.

Envy(Shitto); Grudge

     "E" for Envy according from the acronym PALAGES.  Grudge is the much more simple term for the sin.  Envy is like Greed that desires for things for himself though with the mix of Wrath and Pride, looks for himself too much and minds to inject the unfair.
     Envy is the desire of something possessed by another, "He wants to have what you have."  The bad thing about it, when he have  it, he would not care for it anymore.  His eyes deceives him to convey the sin.  Similar from the Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Envy wants to be one of what he sees.  He wants to be apart of the community so Envy uses his power to blend with them.  Unluckily, because of this , Envy is punished by Roy Mustang.  This protagonist burns Envy's eyes.  In the story, they had given  it some other reasons yet  it portrays the punishment of Envy because his eye was the start of his sin.  Burning Envy's eyes, means the equivalent punishment for him.  The fact is, Envy only commit his sin because he,too, has a pain.  He doesn't  want to be hurt by the people so Envy want to be one of them.  Envy risk  his ingenuity because of his frustration of pain.  He forgets about himself and what he have so forth no one will hurt him.   If only Envy's pain was understood by the many, he would not done what he had done.

Definition of Envy according to the dictionary:
   -To begrudge; to covet:malice.
  *A feeling of resentful discontent, begrudging, admiration, covetousness with regard to another's advantages, possessions, or attainments: desire  for something possessed by another.

Sloth(Taida); Despair

     "S" for Sloth as the last letter from the acronym PALAGES.   Despair is similar to the sin though it is not normally expressed as part of the Seven Deadly Sins.  Still, its a major aspect in promulgating the sin.  The thought of this sin concentrates only to sleep, nothing more and nothing less.  Belphegor is the demon for Sloth.


     Sloth is the love for sleep.  The reason for progress is forgotten.  Continue is not in its thought.  Being productive is afraid to adhere.  The individual that possess such sin never grows.  It would not care about anything around.  The pain of losing, the threat of the real world, the truth, and the consequences are better off not known or accepted just to live a contented life.  Those lives are better off to be digging the soil because those are precious lives.  Sometimes, the sin portrays frustration.  The thought of stepping forward is in fright. They don't want to be hurt because of the trial that may occur though those things are the once that will strengthen you up.   In Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Sloth is something that would finish up anything just to sleep.  His thought focuses on sleep and he doesn't want to do anything else.  His a huge fellow, though he doesn't use his own strength to gain progress and would be contented simply in its place to sleep all day.

Definition of Sloth according to the dictionary:
     -Idleness; loss of hope; hopelessness.

"My Interpretation of Seven Deadly Sins To Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood"

Sin: Pride
Power: Shadow
Meaning: I want to follow only one shadow

Sin: Wrath
Power: Eye
Meaning: I want to see everything clearly

Sin: Greed
Power: Shield
Meaning: I want to protect only what I have

Sin: Envy
Power: Mimicry
Meaning: I want to have what you have

Sin: Lust
Power: Blades
Meaning: I want to pierce only for pleasure

Sin: Gluttony
Power: Mouth
Meaning: I want to eat everything

Sin: Sloth
Power: Speed
Meaning: I want to haste only for Sleep

Seven Deadly Sins Of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood with Father
     That's it, simply don't practice such works so forth  your life will live to the fullest.  God bless and always be a blessing for the others.

June 5, 2011 6:53 pm

Sunday, July 10, 2011


‘It is better to be hurt by truth than to live happily in lies.’

We often hear this saying, or at least, a variant of it.  This statement implies that you should be better off living your life with knowledge of the ‘truth’ than wasting your time over this earth listening to ‘lies’.  To go simply, it means that ‘DON’T GO ON LIVING YOUR HAPPY FANTASIES.’

However, is this really good?  Should we know the ‘truth’, no matter how bitter it is, than to be happy for the rest of our lives?  The answer depends on the person.

As you know, I believe that every ‘individual’ is really an individual.  Take note of that word, for ‘INDIVIDUAL’ means a single entity or person—not having an identical.  What I’m saying is you are you; another character’s personality is not you.  His family is not yours.  His life experiences, though the events may be the same, is still never YOUR life experiences, simply by the fact that he deals with it differently than you.

If you choose to know the ‘truth’, then it is your choice.  However, you should also know that the ‘truth’ or what others call ‘reality’, and its opposite ‘lies’ or ‘fantasy’, DEPENDS ON THE PERCEPTION OF LIFE BY AN INDIVIDUAL.  This simply means that if someone thinks that life is not worth living, then what he also perceives as his ‘reality’ is dreary and miserable.  Don’t be surprised if he believes that his life is the worst that one could ever experience.  On the other hand, someone who thinks that life is a happy existence believes that ‘reality’ is a joyful adventure.

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE ‘TRUTH’ OR ‘REALITY’, YOU’RE ONLY SEARCHING IN VAIN.  For there can’t be an absolute ‘truth’.  What we perceive as ‘truth’ is also brought by our minds, which we don’t know exactly whether its product is ‘real’ or not.  To further illustrate it, people who have ‘schizophrenia’ think that their world is real, while we who know better are sure that theirs is just a product of their minds.  The same can be said with people who thinks that they are lucky, or unlucky.

The question remains, ‘Is it really better to know the ‘truth’?’

To answer that, let me state first that every human walking or had walked over this planet have the so-called ‘Defense Mechanisms’.  Defense Mechanisms are the way we adapt or deal with troublesome situations we come across in life.  Question is, is it bad?  My answer is ‘no’.  It is only natural for living things to have that trait, for if we removed those mechanisms in our body, are we 100% sure that we’re going to live sanely for the rest of our lives?

The question ‘Is it really better to know the ‘truth’?’, can also be answered with:  ‘HOW SURE ARE YOU THAT YOU CAN HANDLE THE ‘TRUTH’ WELL?’ 

Many of us who wanted to know what most ‘intelligent’ people on earth perceives as ‘truth’, they end up vain and bitter after coming into a conclusion.  That is because, for most ‘intelligent’ people, life is as miserable as death.  They are like the sons and daughters of Misery.  In turn, they influence others who don’t think like them.  Those ‘others’ let themselves be influenced by these ‘intelligent’ people who think negatively.  Are we sure we like that?  Are you sure that once you have come into that kind of conclusion about reality YOU ALONE CAN HANDLE THAT?

That is because most of those kinds of people would surely affect their fellow individuals on how negative they think.  And as I said before, these ‘fellow individuals’ may or may not be able to handle the truth ‘intelligent’ people believe in.  In the end, they may become miserable and might even go beyond the ‘normal means’ to escape that.  Well, his blood is in that ‘intelligent’ person’s hands.  That is not my responsibility.

To wrap up, it is not bad to live your life not knowing the ‘truth’ ‘intelligent’ people are trying to define.  Form your own beliefs and form your own ‘reality’.  For the ‘intelligentsia’ also formed their own—a world of negativity and lost hope.  If they are able to do that, why shouldn’t you?

Saturday, July 9, 2011


‘Why don’t you look at your _______?  He/She can go through things and shit!  Why couldn’t you?’

Have you ever experience being told like that?  Well, you SHOULD, because you ain’t human if you haven’t experience that yet.

As for me, I can’t help but to cringe in disappointment and annoyance every time I hear those words.  Look at that guy/girl!  He/She is a hell lot better than you are because he/she is going through that hardship without a budge on his/her face. 

Ah…making comparisons, how idiotic!


It means that whatever you do, wherever you go, whoever you socialize with, there will be people who’d be in much better condition in life and there’ll also be some living in more misery than you do.  Those lines also prove that all people are ‘born their way’—that we all have our OWN PATH TO TAKE, OWN PERSONALITIES, AND OWN TROUBLES TO DEAL WITH.  If it is so, then who are we to say to them, ‘Why don’t you look at this fellow?’

My point is, we all have our own identity.  If you don’t know the essence of IDENTITY yet, IDENTITY IS YOUR PERSONALITY, WHICH IS THE ‘SUM OF YOUR OWN BEHAVIOR PLUS YOUR OWN ATTITUDE’.  If you believe that parents raised their children in the way they thought is best for them, then you should accept the fact that every parent in the world raised us in utterly different manner, for your parents are not my parents, and your neighbor’s family is never your family. 

And because we grew up in a separate environment, we developed different ways to deal and accept our weaknesses.  One may find the other person’s problem to be ‘light’ or ‘trivial’ but for that particular individual, it’s already a ‘life or death’ situation.  The same applies with you.  You may think that your heaviest burden is the worst in the world, but I may think of that as ‘nothing’ compared to mine.

Sadly, we often forget that very principle.  We always say, ‘I’m me; I’m myself’, and yet, when it comes to other people, we tend to compare them to our own, or someone else close to us, or people we know.  We become their critics, even if our intent is for that person’s well being.  If so, then you are not being helpful. 

On the final note, I admit that we all have our weaknesses.  If you want to help someone close to you to overcome that weakness of his/hers, then avoid comparing them to other people and to yourself.  His/her story is not YOUR story.  His/her family is never your family.  HIS/HER EXPERIENCE IS DIFFERENT FROM YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"A Child's Laughter"

     Do you ever felt relax when you adhere something?  The feeling that you are at ease as a soothing sensation come to your senses.  The comfort when something which really makes you happy comes through your way. Well, this is a little different.  An odd feeling to say, hearing a child's laughter caught a sense enlightens a path all through its road.
    Everyone has a different field of expertise.  You may not be good in a certain thing yet you excel in something very much.  Don't be upset when you fail, drop or when you fall.  This is part of life's way of teaching .  Those small things that come along during the periods of uncertainty, they must be appreciated no matter what value it arise.  Remember, a person who started from scratch understands how pain really feels.  The small gifts, like a smile from an infant, can surely cure a drought heart.  
     In a day, the moment of sudden boredom do urge a way.  Your companions are busy for there own objective.  Talking to others, making themselves known for the benefit  of there own.  Sometimes, they neglect you.  The only thing that would caught an attention is an infant's bliss.  A noisy argumentation with there playmates.  Running around, bothering others for there joy yet those are the things that come to disturb a silent motion.   It means nothing when you look at them but, as you remember your infant days, are they as happy as those infants?  Some do wish that they were always an infant because they don't think too much.  They just bother to play, eat, and sleep. When you gone old, sometimes you don't play, even don't eat, and much more you don't go to sleep.  Lucky for an infant because wish is always combined with hard work.  For wish don't come true if you don't work it out.
     Seeing a child's laughter makes a sudden difference in a day.  As a good plan turn abolished, when people forgot about you, or simply moving forward for a better change.  It is true that everyone is smart yet not all knows to understand.  People may come and go, change then take-off.  The best way of being known as a family is, though you go up or down there is a place you can return.  Rest and ease for your trouble, even a back-up when your in danger.  Just don't be too cocky because it might slip you away from your family.
     The reason only few do get to be recognized as a true family is because they might easily leave.  The feeling of being  left alone is the precaution to worry.  Don't ever let someone of the family feel that they are forgotten, they might think that you've gone your own way.  A true family understands any type of situation you are in.  Will comfort and support if your aims are for the right path, and would never let your trust be broken.  Fortunately, all family members proves there faith.  That they can risk there own life to save one another.  Maybe nobody else can do it unless your part of the family.
     Let things discover for itself.   Don't ask, don't bother, and don't even comply.  The foundation of a family is molded through a very long time.  It would not be made by a snap of your finger but the trials you've gone together.  Honestly, the sense that has been speculated may  not truly point unto something.  Those words just spilled-out because of A Child's Laughter.

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