Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who the Hell is the Gatecrasher Family?!!

     "Good question," I didn't come to put things about that.  Actually, the question tends me to assemble things for the family.  The organization, Gatecrasher Family, is a fusion of several passion binded by there common aspirations.  The connections to each other is treated as a family knowing they exchange respect, understanding, knowledge, and care.  Eventually, because of there passion, the organization is made and the family gains its foundation.

     Every member of the family contains a different talent. One in drawing, which fully attaches himself to his work.  The other one is music, that puts him a place to this field.  The other is gaming yet he sacrifices so much for this desire. Some in analyzation and  in consultation, knowing they can't be bothered while doing there job.  And the field of writing, which can never be cut off to him as long as he got a pen and paper.  Fortunately, the family is gaining its concubine so an additional talent of photography is a plus.  Moreover, the Gatecrasher Family is still in progress knowing several individuals are prospected to become its part.  Some seems to have the potential for bearing the name of the Gatecrasher Family yet they are still being observe if they truly deserve to become the part of the Family.

     Furthermore, Gatecrasher Family is under the broad field of Art.  The expertise of the family doesn't end up in one objective.  They come to change there likes oftenly as connected to the passion the possess.  Therefore, Gatecrasher Family does not only focus on the community of COSPLAYING.  They also cover the field of  Otaku community, in the world of literature, community of music, and many many other things that  art is concerned.  Besides, Otaku community is he field where most members of the family enjoys  and comes together.  Nevertheless, Gatecrasher Family doesn't settle things inside a box, they oftenly come overboard to explore sudden new ideas.

     Finally, the name of Gatecrasher Family produces whereabouts of certain things. They do enjoy there work even sometimes without prior condition.  On the other hand, the family had already encountered trials concerning there past commodities yet by staying together, they become strong and surpass those things out.  I know this family will stay for a very long time knowing humbleness tends to touch each member.  However, as long as the Gatecrasher family stays together, they are strong and powerful even in the depths of darkness. Remain standby, because there are more things to come from this family.

©Gatecrasher Family 11:52 am Feb.20, 2011

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