Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Very Own Registered Nurse

     He is the most enthusiastic person I ever encounter.  Now I'm very proud to call him one of my guardian.  This person always put a sunshine to our place for he invigorates us to much, though its far too dark.  Eventually, the guy who could light up a path and removes boredom knowing he has alot of story to tell.  A good adviser and as well as a listener which separates him in a mob.  Moreover, the holder of the Sun ring for the family achieves  one of his  goal.  The name, Angel, had recently passed the board examination for nurses and we, too, are truly honored to call him as part of the Gatecrasher Family.

     Angel is the Sun guardian for the Gatecrasher Family, bearing the sun ring, his characteristics to stay positive no matter what situation he fill-in sets him as its bearer.  For th knowledge or everyone, this enthusiastic guy was very humiliated when he was young.  I will not put things in details but, because of that, he pursue hardwork and dedication towards his progress.  He was very young by then yet some treats him like that.  We often come to talk about it but, as we speak of it, we talk as if its only a joke.  It was true that it happen to him yet we can only look back in the past and work for the future.  In addition, Angel failed his first attempt to take the board examination.  He looks very fine by then but deep inside he carry this pain.  The situation didn't push him to give up.  He continued and took a second attempt for the examination.  Luckily, by this time, Angel passed and gully acquired the title of Registered Nurse.  His long time struggle to achieve what he want is now at hand.   At this moment, no one can ever humiliate him for he earns respect and gratitude considering the efforts this enthusiastic guy had ever given just to conquer his goal.  Shining as always for those who sees him, Angel truly serve as the light of the Gatecrasher Family.

    Blissfully, I am really glad that he is now a Registered Nurse, making me more encourage to tackle for my own dream.  Each member of Gatecrasher Family has dream for these are the reasons they continue though things do not come along as planned.  Apparently, Angel's success is one of the fulfillment we have set for every member and I'm very happy for him.  In behalf of the Gatecrasher Family, "Congratulations, Angel!!" Your Gatecrasher Family will always be on your side.

©Gatecrasher Family 1:34 PM March 1, 2011

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