Monday, October 31, 2011

"The Truth"

    "The heart of every convention is cosplaying."  One of the family just heard  this from a convention.  He spiel it out as this family perceive such line.  Also, Pureheart, had told that conventions are not really centered for cosplaying.   It is an event where new console games, anime CD's or DVD's are released or other related happenings are said to be mentioned.  All of these are occasionally done in the other country but here, we set conventions to focus on cosplaying.
     In the Philippines, many would like to be famous.  I really say that, "There are many beautiful faces that can be seen  in a convention."  They have there own individual characteristics that helps them to be noticed in an event.  True, they are beautiful.  True, that they catches the crowds eye.  Yet, because of sudden beauty, it change the reason of a real event.  Time do change everything and we only know it when it i s there.   Those young cute ladies that we come to see during convention, they are the one that make an event more alluring.  The only glitch that we get there is the  principle of a convention which sets to be forgotten.  Focus  on cosplayers and not theme for the event., it happen most of the time.  It seems that the, "Lust that crawls to every  people still craves on."   I know it is only a feeling and it sometimes make people happy to mingle with beautiful girls.  Everyone has the urge of belonging.    Loneliness is the one of the feeling an individual do not want to perceive.  In conventions, many people come.  Different types of people. Simply there to have fun and meet others which  that would go along with there hobbies.  It is a gathering where others often less see each other even sometimes old casualties come tan meet there.  Ideas, expressions, all sorts of staff comes in one place.  Not all convention is a success but, the  only success in an event is where true friends gather and have a splendid time together.  In addition, convention is a place where some astonish the crowd upon a wonderful craft---A work of Art.
     Learning is a part of life.  It doesn't end as one graduates from its academic yet still continuous as death takes a part to a body.  I know all of us have our own desire simply have a small thought upon what we are doing.  Is it for the good? . . .Will is aid those in need? . . .Is it for the service of the community? . . . And, would it answer the question . . . "Is it for the truth?"

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