Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Connected In My System"

"makes me hard to take her off"
     Each of us has its own path.  We get to be very far from each other yet the thoughts that touches me when we were together remains.  I remember the tears, the laughter, the  struggle, and the battle.  All of them remains and I can't erase them, we rush to one another as we get  to know someone that is in trouble.  Some of us just keep silence for there problem yet we already know that someone has a problem from us because they don't speak to us.  No matter what situation it comes, the ending is still the same--- happiness.
     I do remember that would want to lay-off  from each other for good.  Yet, it seems very impossible because often a sudden months of boredom, we look and care for each other.  We often argue with one another, tells the truth no  matter how painful  it is, say all we want to say to each other, and due to  so must trust with one another, we say our negative  insights to us, we tell the truth no matter what  happens, because if not, we come to tend to be uncomfortable with each other.
     Its very great to have a friend, who goes through you no matter what situation that occurs.  You cannot call a "Friend"  who only comes during your time of joy.  A true friend stays in sadness and fun even in boredom.  The important thing is to stick together for a couple of times.  Apparently, what terrifies us is a friend that stays for a moment.  They are there to consume all your goods yet when your down, they will just leave you like they don't know you.  I don't  really like these kind of people.  I just do wish that they don't exist.  Well, who am I to talk?  I'm just an ordinary man who looks up in the sky waiting for an apple to fall.
"The Sun Guardian of the Gatecrasher Family"
     We had been together for a long time.  Its the reason why its hard to let someone be part of the family.  If that one would like to stay not just for fun, then that person would be perfect to be one of our fellow friend. . .

"The Mist Guardian Of The Gatecrasher Family"
11:09 am 09172011

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