Saturday, May 14, 2011

"A Chibi Encounter"

Chibi Hime
     "The next Alodia," they exclaimed.  The baby that rocks the whole cosplay community.  Who can resist the cuteness of this baby?  Well, if you're not into cosplaying you wouldn't know her.  She is the first chibi cosplayer that had made a major impact for its' audience.  Cute, lovable, cuddly, and clever is the appropriate words to distinguish this child.  Moreover, she is the baby that would enter your mind whenever you hear the name---Chibi Hime.
     Eventually, the Gatecrasher Family first say Chibi Hime in the very first cosplay event in Riverbanks.  They were just usually do what they do in certain events, enjoy and have fun as much as possible.  Then one of the member spotted her in the event, took pictures along with her as well as his fellow member who was with him by then.  After that, every previous event which they attend to seeks upon this cute little baby.
     The one that spot Chibi Hime, Kirael, has a keen eyes for cute babies.  This member of the Gatecrasher Family wears the color black during conventions.  Aruiko is the "Pure Blood Otaku"  of the family.  He also got photos with Chibi Hime.  Shoje bears the camera during the events yet, unfortunately, there's still no photos of Chibi Hime and him.  It's Kirael's fault.  He often forgot to take  a photo with them together, for Chibi Hime is sometimes in a rush when they took photos of her in a convention.  Even so, an inevitable situation arises whenever they want to take pictures of Chibi Hime.
     Just  to insert,  a genuine member of the Gatecrasher Family has a family ring.  Some  of its members are still under provision so forth they haven't receive there ring yet Chibi Hime is considered as an alliance for the family because she's one of the people whom they enjoy the presence.
     Moving on, there is a photo which had been a small discussion inside the family.  They thought that Chibi Hime was the daughter of one of its member.  It was just a joke and that was far too long ago when the photo was taken in cosplay fever.
     Satsui and Chibi Hime haven't cross the same path yet.  Although Kirael just wish that those two had a photo together.  It would be wonderful seeing those two together for they both have a different charm and strong charisma.  He also hope that the other members of the Gatecrasher Family has a photo with her specially Kazuki.  There's no significant reason about Kazuki but he would want to see his fellow family just even in photos with Chibi Hime.  Kazuki has a heart for children, he often hides it because he doesn't want to get too attached with them.  Anyway, his one of the good guys.  The family is established for the just and for the sake of what is right.  Every part of it carries an expertise of there own field.  They just fuse it all together along with there laughter and sadness.  Then this portrays how Gatecrasher Family is formally assembled.
     Finally, Chibi Hime and the Gatecrasher Family intersects in one part of there path.  Each would go on there own ways but, in the side of the family, joy was already adhered.  Honestly, Gatecrasher Family wonders if how is she doing right now.  For one of the reasons why the writer continues his works, is because of the youth which the soon to be next bearer of his works.  Like Chibi Hime, the futures most famous personality of them all.  Hope you would continue upon this, that you made people happy even in a portion of there lives.
     Take care Chibi Hime. Stay Blessed for the others and God bless. . .

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