Monday, May 16, 2011

"Faith and Hope"

by: Jayne Lois R. Orlina
Model: Ysabella Apolinar

     "The possesion of Gatecrasher Family which never fades."  They come to cling on it whenever the family goes through a very hard times.  Those two words are part of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.  Faith, th e cure for the sin of Pride.  And Hope, the cure for the sin of Sloth.  Eventually, Gatecrasher Family had been tested again on how strong they hold unto there faith and hope due to the occurrence that they compel.  It was hard for them yet all of those situation were just apart of the past now. The Gatecrasher Family fought then continues to move on.

     It all started as the very first day of May come up-to-date.  Kirael was already informed for a meeting to be a staff for the Comic Con event.  He really want to push though it because he wants to become apart of the event for the Gatecrasher Family.   Suddenly, he was troubled by his financial matters so his parents wants to send him  away for a moments.  This member of the Gatecrasher Family was arranged to be thrown away by his parents so forth he will be in custody of his aunt.  I was for the good anyway for his father had been    sick by then and he was also having a trouble of applying to companies.  Kirael was worried  by then.  He simply don't know what to do.  Meanwhile, Kazuki got the news of Kirael. The problem is, he too was having a hard time by then.  Kazuki was depressed upon the last application he just had had.  In addition, he also have his problem in his house.  By then, Pureheart already perceived the situation of Kirael.  He would even want to send money for Kirael so forth it would help him.  The bad news is, Kirael have no means of meeting his fellow Gatecrasher Family.  His broke by then, no penny or even a cent.  They had gone through this situation yet this time, it's a little different.  Kirael knows that Pureheart also struggles for his own problem because he claims to have an uncertainty with his coworker.  Also, he sustains the necessity of his family.  Pureheart's uncle is sick and needs alot of medication.  He had been down for quite a while but he's one of the person who would help his Gatecrasher Family when they are in need.
      The whole Gatecrasher Family was given a small message about Kirael's situation.  Shoje  was planning for a project during that time.  It was neglected due to the family's situation.  He sent his regards and continues for his commotion.  Angel also sent his words though he tries to communicate with Kirael in any means.   Those were simple things yet it replenishes the dying Hope of Kirael.   Kazuki was inclined with the situation of Kirael.  He was very upset of what did happen to him.  Yet, as soon as he notice and got in touch with Kirael, he tries to boost up his Faith.  Honestly, Kazuki was planning to end up everything---his life, his passion, and all of the things he had worked for.  Luckily, Kirael had a small chat with Kazuki.  Part of him move Kazuki up and then Kazuki meant, "Nobody will be left behind.  If I did that to you, I have done to you what those fools had done to me."  Kazuki cares so much for the family.  He could even do more in able to secure the name of the Gatecrasher Famiy.  Kirael and Kazuki had a small similarity, both of them doesn't want there fellow Gatecrasher Family to experience the bad moments of there life.  They do what they can do in able to aid them
     Aruiko, going through his own uncertainty, still sends his remarks for Kirael.  He, too, was struggling to have a work so he keeps small thought toward his fellow Gatecrasher Family.  Aruiko is one of the toughest person inside  the family.  He also tries to move away when he has his own problem.  His fellow Gatecrasher Family tries to get in touch with him though he tries to fix it by himself.  But he knows, when he can't handle  things by his own, Aruiko has a family to run into and Gatecrasher Family will be there for him.
     Then, Kirael can face what to happen.  He only had himself by then.  If something went wrong, he will be crawling from the streets.   Nevertheless, the support from the Gatecrasher Family brings a big difference  for his Faith and Hope.  He was thinking of a way to go for the Comic Con  meeting yet it was already too late.  The  meeting had passed and he has no way to attend it because he was really broke during those time.  For a week, he was sent away  by his parents.  His  aunt took care for him yet Kirael can't do what he want to do.  His passion, to write, was just like in a cage though he struggles to continue his passion.
     He gain a small amount of money and return home.  Lucky, his parents ignores him because his father is okay right now.  Moreover, he still seek for a job just like his fellow Gatecrasher Family.  Kazuki continues his drawing career.  He even used  his experience for his work.  Pureheart  is doing well as for now.   He jokes upon this things when they got to speak of it.  Aruiko will start to work soon, lucky for him.  Shoje and Angel are still in one piece, alive, kicking, and moves on.  Satsui got her hair cut.  It looks good for her.  Recently, they are all fine. . . 

     Before Kirael went home, it was the day two of  Comic Con.  Kazuki and Pureheart tries to comfort Kirael because of what had happen.  Satsui already attended the day one of the event, even Aruiko and Shoje attended the first day so they didn't come to see Kirael as he went there.  Sincerely, Kirael would really want to give thanks for the people who accommodated Satsui in the event.  The  PaOtaku  specially Sir Hiro for taking good care of her.
     Therefore, what had happen proves something.  Money is really nothing.  It is just a tool to rise when you fall.  What really matters are the people that will support you.  Because, you may fall so many times for the lack of having money yet the people that will pick you up when your nothing is worth having a treasure forever.  Never lose Faith and Hope because this can be your strength when you lose everything. God bless and always take care guys.

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