Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Contact Lens"

Cosplayers need this to imitate the character they want to portray.  It really makes a magic to transform a certain person into a n anime.  I just got alarmed by the news that I heard abut this equipment which endanger my fellow  cosplayers.  I, too, uses contact lenses so I felt the urge to inscribe this. 
 In the radio, a D.J. had spoken about the threats of buying a fake contact lens.  The price is not cheaper but you can get it easily from a seller.  The problem is, a legitimate optician/should be the one whom you should buy this equipment.  If you buy it from a none licensed store,you might be in danger.

    ----- Things That You may adhere from buying an illegitamte optician/ophthalmologist or store of contact lens.---

      *You can get a disease.
      *Your money would be spent for the worse and
      *You might get blinded for the rest of your life.

     Even others do share contact lens, but for me, it's a no.  You could adhere a disease by sharing contact lens.  For example, sore eyes,  this is a viral infection.  Once the virus is transferred, it immediately scatters.  But well, its still up to you if you want o happen such things.

     An illegitimate optician/ophthalmologist or store do such things:

     *They won't give the proper contact lens that is suited for you.
     *No assistance on how to use the contact lens properly.
     *They sometimes give you the wrong way to use the contact lens.
     *They won't inquire if its your first time to  wear contact lens.

     We can now buy contact lens through facebook, internet, person to person and a whole lot of new mediums even in sidewalk vendors, but do we know if they are safe or legally registered to sell them.

     Honestly, I'm not telling to never buy another contact lens but I'm giving precautions on buying them.  I, myself, bought my very first contact lens in a legitimate store and I'm very glad I was assisted on how to use it properly.  They were very accommodating and friendly too.  I learn how to  wear it and how to take care of my contact lens.  How will you know if  the contact lens does not suit you anymore,and some sort of things that would really help to maximize the usage of my contact lens.

     By the way, thank you J & B Sunrise Optical located at SM SAVE MORE Gen. Luis Str., Novaliches, Quezon City.  This is where I bought my very first contact lens.  I would really say, the price is just right for what you pay.

     Anyway, I would like to add that it's safe to buy a contact lens when:

     *The name of the Ophthalmologist in on the signage of the store.

Explanation: A professional ophthalmologist won't risk there names on selling fake contact lens for they have studied years for there profession and they also worked hard to earn there license degree.
     *You see a DTI(Department of Trade and Industry) label on your purchase.

Explanstion: This is a proof that the government  authorize the item or the contact lens to be sold.  This also tells that the item is not fake.

     *The contact lens includes a receipt.(A minimal fact but may help)

Explanation: If you have  a receipt, of course, you can go after the store when something bad happens because it's the proof that you get it from them.

I care for my friends so I hope you learn something about this.  Take care guys and God Bless.

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