Sunday, July 10, 2011


‘It is better to be hurt by truth than to live happily in lies.’

We often hear this saying, or at least, a variant of it.  This statement implies that you should be better off living your life with knowledge of the ‘truth’ than wasting your time over this earth listening to ‘lies’.  To go simply, it means that ‘DON’T GO ON LIVING YOUR HAPPY FANTASIES.’

However, is this really good?  Should we know the ‘truth’, no matter how bitter it is, than to be happy for the rest of our lives?  The answer depends on the person.

As you know, I believe that every ‘individual’ is really an individual.  Take note of that word, for ‘INDIVIDUAL’ means a single entity or person—not having an identical.  What I’m saying is you are you; another character’s personality is not you.  His family is not yours.  His life experiences, though the events may be the same, is still never YOUR life experiences, simply by the fact that he deals with it differently than you.

If you choose to know the ‘truth’, then it is your choice.  However, you should also know that the ‘truth’ or what others call ‘reality’, and its opposite ‘lies’ or ‘fantasy’, DEPENDS ON THE PERCEPTION OF LIFE BY AN INDIVIDUAL.  This simply means that if someone thinks that life is not worth living, then what he also perceives as his ‘reality’ is dreary and miserable.  Don’t be surprised if he believes that his life is the worst that one could ever experience.  On the other hand, someone who thinks that life is a happy existence believes that ‘reality’ is a joyful adventure.

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE ‘TRUTH’ OR ‘REALITY’, YOU’RE ONLY SEARCHING IN VAIN.  For there can’t be an absolute ‘truth’.  What we perceive as ‘truth’ is also brought by our minds, which we don’t know exactly whether its product is ‘real’ or not.  To further illustrate it, people who have ‘schizophrenia’ think that their world is real, while we who know better are sure that theirs is just a product of their minds.  The same can be said with people who thinks that they are lucky, or unlucky.

The question remains, ‘Is it really better to know the ‘truth’?’

To answer that, let me state first that every human walking or had walked over this planet have the so-called ‘Defense Mechanisms’.  Defense Mechanisms are the way we adapt or deal with troublesome situations we come across in life.  Question is, is it bad?  My answer is ‘no’.  It is only natural for living things to have that trait, for if we removed those mechanisms in our body, are we 100% sure that we’re going to live sanely for the rest of our lives?

The question ‘Is it really better to know the ‘truth’?’, can also be answered with:  ‘HOW SURE ARE YOU THAT YOU CAN HANDLE THE ‘TRUTH’ WELL?’ 

Many of us who wanted to know what most ‘intelligent’ people on earth perceives as ‘truth’, they end up vain and bitter after coming into a conclusion.  That is because, for most ‘intelligent’ people, life is as miserable as death.  They are like the sons and daughters of Misery.  In turn, they influence others who don’t think like them.  Those ‘others’ let themselves be influenced by these ‘intelligent’ people who think negatively.  Are we sure we like that?  Are you sure that once you have come into that kind of conclusion about reality YOU ALONE CAN HANDLE THAT?

That is because most of those kinds of people would surely affect their fellow individuals on how negative they think.  And as I said before, these ‘fellow individuals’ may or may not be able to handle the truth ‘intelligent’ people believe in.  In the end, they may become miserable and might even go beyond the ‘normal means’ to escape that.  Well, his blood is in that ‘intelligent’ person’s hands.  That is not my responsibility.

To wrap up, it is not bad to live your life not knowing the ‘truth’ ‘intelligent’ people are trying to define.  Form your own beliefs and form your own ‘reality’.  For the ‘intelligentsia’ also formed their own—a world of negativity and lost hope.  If they are able to do that, why shouldn’t you?

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