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"Seven Deadly Sins"

     The world's heaviest offending works.  It's acronym is PALAGES and that acronym  is far more easier to be remembered for this.  I'll simply enumerate them afterwards.  In a story, it would make the overall view of a tale more interesting because of the attach lessons and controversy.  Moreover, this article is made for our future reference.  Feel free to view, share, and comment on this so we will know the points of your side.  For the readers, the word inside the parenthesis is the Japanese term for each sin.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
"Seven Deadly Sins"
Pride(Kouman); Conceit

     "P" stands for Pride from the acronym PALAGES.  Conceit is another term for it yet the word "Pride" is a lot more  known for the Seven deadly sins.  Pride is believe as the first sin, all the other sins are derive from it.  The famous tale about Pride is Lucifer.  He is a light-bearer and known as a proud rebellious archangel which had fallen from heaven because of his own desire.

     Pride is also know as the highest sin.  The one who portray such sin only looks for the benefit of its own, doesn't mind his fellow comrade, forgets his friends and family just to achieve his desire. Selfish, a much more better word for this.  Yet, from the series Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, "Pride looks forward unto someone though that someone doesn't look back."  This is how be commit his sin.  The pain that he have inside him pushes Pride to do the wrong thing.  If his pain was eagerly understand, there were suppose to be lesser suffering for him and for the whole world.

Definition of Pride according to the dictionary:
     -Unreasonable conceit; a feeling of one's true worth; a feeling of delight concerning something.
     *The state or quality of being proud; self- respect.

Avarice(Donyoku); Greed

     "A" stands for Avarice in PALAGES.  Greed  is renowned term for this sin.  Some believes that Greed evolves  from Pride though Avarice can also come from the other sin, Pride claims a higher connection  because it is the first sin.  There's  only  a difference  between this two. Greed cares for all his belongings while Pride only cares for his own gain.  The demon named Mammon is the story for Greed.

     Greed is one of the sin that doesn't know the word "Enough."  Contentment fails to perform.  He wants to have everything.  He wants it all for himself: Money, fame, women, friends, and power.  A very protective and sentiment one because Greed doesn't know to let go of what he already have.  If he  has something , it will not be given to the others which are more in need.  He will  take more and would not care if it will lie in waste with him.  Again, from the Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Greed doesn't want to be alone.   He  seeks for the  companion of friends.  The idea of how he gets the favor of someone is his goal.  The pain of being alone is his frustration so he commits such sin, gaining more than what it is needed.  Greed hates to abandon for he knows how it feels when solitude arise.  Luckily, he is being accompanied by the protagonist through the last segment of the series.  The bad thing about it is, Greed doesn't last long enough to enjoy and have fun with his friends.

Definition of Avarice according to the dictionary:
     -An inordinate desire of gain; covetousness; cupidity; greediness.
     * Insatiable greed for riches; inordinate, miserly desire to gain and hoard wealth.

Lust(Nikuyoku); Carnality

     "L" is Lust for the acronym PALAGES.  Carnality, another term for Lust, is grouped to the word  Conceit and Avarice---They are the words that are  lesser used as connected to the Seven Deadly Sins.   Eventually, Lust signifies as one of the lowest sin in the group though the damage is severely massive one it is practiced.  The demon for Lust is Asmodeus.

     Lust claims as the enactment of intense desire for bodily pleasure.  The loss for the priority of what is needed for life tends to be neglected in this sin.   Pleasure is the overall point of Lust.  It kill, steal, break, and degrades because of the crave this sin portrays.  Carnality doesn't  only lie in sexual desire.  The sin, Lust, also holds the worldly pleasure of a human body that gives sensation for it.  Moreover, women is the  symbol of Lust.  There is no specific reason about this.  Thus, almost every story that Seven Deadly Sins are included, women is its main  character.  Like in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, the character for Lust is a woman.

Definition of Lust according  to the dictionary:
     -Strong desire; craving for carnal pleasure: to have inordinate desire.
     *Intense sexual desire of appetite

Anger(Gekido); Wrath

     "A" as the second, is Anger for the acronym PALAGES. Wrath deals with much known name for this sin. It is said that Wrath and Pride binds together.  Wrath couldn't exist without sudden Pride, though Greed and Lust can follow it.  The demon for Wrath is Satan, a supreme adversity for heaven.  The evil spirit that tends to destroy all things.

     Wrath is punishing yourself with the mistakes of the others.  Forgiveness forgets with this sin.  The minor error being brutality punished, the practitioner of the unjust, and giving pain towards its possession plays the action of Wrath.  War is connected to Anger.  It is why a high ranking officer claims to role Wrath.  Besides,  the president in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is the character for Wrath.  He was trained for that position and given the sin.

Definition of Anger according to the dictionary:
    -Excessive emotion or passion aroused by a sense of injury.
    *A strong feeling of displeasure and belligence aroused by  a real or supposed wrong.

Gluttony(Boushoku); Voracity

     "G" is Gluttony of PALAGES.  Voracity binds another name for the sin.  Just like Lust, Gluttony is classed as the lowest sin.  Thus, no matter how small the sin , a sin is a always a sin.  Beelzebub is the demon scattering Gluttony.  Some said that he is one of the Fallen Angel.  The second for Satan is what he is also known.  Furthermore, Voracity is a mix of Avarice and Carnality--- Taking more than enough and the specific crave for pleasure of the body.

     Gluttony is eating in excess.  Too much with what you can handle is very terrible.  Some will go to waste rather than  be used.  The food for   the friend shall be eaten and there will be nothing left for them.  Saying "No" towards food which is given though he is full will never come to perform.  The horrific thing about Voracity, is the none contentment of food which leads to eat its own kind when he find himself nothing to eat. On the other hand, Gluttony is the replica of the Gate of truth.  This is  from the series of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.  This tells that the sin is inside of us though we don't want to face it.  The sin lurks in the reality and we don't know it.  Sometimes, we know it yet we ignore.

Definition of Gluttony according to the dictionary:
    -Eating in Excess.
    *Tending to eat and drink excessively;voracious.

Envy(Shitto); Grudge

     "E" for Envy according from the acronym PALAGES.  Grudge is the much more simple term for the sin.  Envy is like Greed that desires for things for himself though with the mix of Wrath and Pride, looks for himself too much and minds to inject the unfair.
     Envy is the desire of something possessed by another, "He wants to have what you have."  The bad thing about it, when he have  it, he would not care for it anymore.  His eyes deceives him to convey the sin.  Similar from the Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Envy wants to be one of what he sees.  He wants to be apart of the community so Envy uses his power to blend with them.  Unluckily, because of this , Envy is punished by Roy Mustang.  This protagonist burns Envy's eyes.  In the story, they had given  it some other reasons yet  it portrays the punishment of Envy because his eye was the start of his sin.  Burning Envy's eyes, means the equivalent punishment for him.  The fact is, Envy only commit his sin because he,too, has a pain.  He doesn't  want to be hurt by the people so Envy want to be one of them.  Envy risk  his ingenuity because of his frustration of pain.  He forgets about himself and what he have so forth no one will hurt him.   If only Envy's pain was understood by the many, he would not done what he had done.

Definition of Envy according to the dictionary:
   -To begrudge; to covet:malice.
  *A feeling of resentful discontent, begrudging, admiration, covetousness with regard to another's advantages, possessions, or attainments: desire  for something possessed by another.

Sloth(Taida); Despair

     "S" for Sloth as the last letter from the acronym PALAGES.   Despair is similar to the sin though it is not normally expressed as part of the Seven Deadly Sins.  Still, its a major aspect in promulgating the sin.  The thought of this sin concentrates only to sleep, nothing more and nothing less.  Belphegor is the demon for Sloth.


     Sloth is the love for sleep.  The reason for progress is forgotten.  Continue is not in its thought.  Being productive is afraid to adhere.  The individual that possess such sin never grows.  It would not care about anything around.  The pain of losing, the threat of the real world, the truth, and the consequences are better off not known or accepted just to live a contented life.  Those lives are better off to be digging the soil because those are precious lives.  Sometimes, the sin portrays frustration.  The thought of stepping forward is in fright. They don't want to be hurt because of the trial that may occur though those things are the once that will strengthen you up.   In Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Sloth is something that would finish up anything just to sleep.  His thought focuses on sleep and he doesn't want to do anything else.  His a huge fellow, though he doesn't use his own strength to gain progress and would be contented simply in its place to sleep all day.

Definition of Sloth according to the dictionary:
     -Idleness; loss of hope; hopelessness.

"My Interpretation of Seven Deadly Sins To Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood"

Sin: Pride
Power: Shadow
Meaning: I want to follow only one shadow

Sin: Wrath
Power: Eye
Meaning: I want to see everything clearly

Sin: Greed
Power: Shield
Meaning: I want to protect only what I have

Sin: Envy
Power: Mimicry
Meaning: I want to have what you have

Sin: Lust
Power: Blades
Meaning: I want to pierce only for pleasure

Sin: Gluttony
Power: Mouth
Meaning: I want to eat everything

Sin: Sloth
Power: Speed
Meaning: I want to haste only for Sleep

Seven Deadly Sins Of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood with Father
     That's it, simply don't practice such works so forth  your life will live to the fullest.  God bless and always be a blessing for the others.

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