Sunday, January 8, 2012

"A Real Convention"

(A post-written article during December)

     "This is what a real convention looks like."  One of the guardian made the accusation for the recent event, Christmas Toycon 2011.  The convention was held in Mega Mall and though the venue was not big, everything simply went out great.  There were items to be bought and people to mingle with, cosplayers that were so friendly, as well as booths that were accommodating when you look around for there item.
     The event goes for three days.  The family only had been there for day two and day three.  One day is already enough to go for the event yet by meeting  new people, getting new items, and acquiring new ideas were bound  to adhere for the event.  The entrance fee was only 50  pesos so it would not be hard for some individuals to enter.  Funds would be needed  to enjoy the convention yet if some would  had few, there were some strollers for the event would be happy to share the true  meaning of Christmas--- Like what the family really want to do.   Sharing blessings, as much as the family can, is in its heart for a very long time.  For the convention, most items from the event were very rare and has a reasonable price.  Like the "Katana Umbrella," there was a booth in the convention that it only cost for 130 pesos and it was sold out very easily.  Toys were the center of the convention.  Toy car, action figure, cards, and many more were the things to see there.  It was the "Den for Collectors and Hobbiest."  Simply don't be too easily be persuaded by the sellers or you might lose all your money to them.  In short, be on guard to buy only the things that you really want for that place.  Meanwhile, one of the best part of the convention was "Santa's helpers"  they were really cute and beautiful too.  No wonder the crowd builds up by the stage because of them.  They  were there to be taken pictures of and they  also dance on the stage.  Everything was worth to come for the event because of what's in for it.
     The Storm guardian spend a moment there simply to see what's inside.  He needs to leave early due to work obligation.  The Rain guardian was there strolling as well as to seek for something good to see.  The Cloud guardian was stiff during day three yet the family hope he's just fine.  The Sky guardian was in "Spider Mode" by the event.  He just stands still and waits for his subject to fall for his web.  They all were in the event.  Next time will be alot better yet this event crash boredom because of having the real essence of a convention. . .. God bless.

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