Friday, December 23, 2011

"Lady Gon and Spaghetti"

     A female  version of Gon from Hunter X Hunter.  This cosplayer made a genuine idea on doing such.  The weapon, the dress, and the character made her different from the others.  Nevertheless, she made a beautiful smile and cute outfit for the character.  In fact, the delight of how  "The Old Spaghetti House"  give to the family was so identical for this beautiful lady.
     The Family goes Italian this time, knowing the Storm guardian  craves for pasta.  Choosing from a wide variety of pasta, "The Old Spaghetti House would be perfect."  As the family get there, the ambiance was so supreme, silent and relaxing.  It really matches to remove all the stress from work same to the bearer of the Gon cosplayer. 
Meatball Spaghetti
      The food, Meatball spaghetti was very delicious.  The pasta was just cook perfectly. The meatballs and sauce was outstanding.  

sun dried with grilled spaghetti
Mocha Frost

      Also, the sun dried with grilled spaghetti declared to superb.  The Sky guardian partnered it with Mocha Frost.  The grilled spaghetti was already enough due to the meat and the spices that contains for the dish yet because of the Mocha Frost, craving for another set of food was endorsed.  Grilled spaghetti was also together with a Java Rice.  It was a perfect meal.  The Lasagna with bake cheese and sauces really made the hunger go away.  Just don't eat Lasagna first or you can't eat anything else because its very heavy to the stomach.  In addition, the Spremo made a burst of totally new wave of taste for the family as this type of pizza was laid on the table.  It had green bell pepper and its crust was very thin.  If you hold it, you can make it as a sandwich.  Old Spaghetti House was really great to have an experience to eat there.  Everything simply blended as to remind us of that Gon cosplayer.
Java Rice
     The Family propose to make another visit there someday because the experience was very good.  If ever there would be a chance, the family would be great to encounter that Gon cosplayer again, and for the Old Spaghetti House, feel free to visit them at 55 Ground floor, Ali Mall Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.  Until next eating experience and convention, God bless.

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