Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Nothing Unusual"

     Cosplay events are becoming so casual recently.  People attends, costripers come, con-goers buy some stuff, photographers  take there shots, and competition for cosplayers do occur.   Eventually, these are the stuff that come in an event.  It only makes a difference when new acquaintances do come.  What I say is, new cosplayer come each year.  Some just want to be famous and others only shows what they can do.
     In Otaku Reload 2012, the family was there.   Bringing there own camera as well as going with there casualties.  They just noticed that thought the place is small, Mega trade hall 3 in SM Mega mall, there were too many people old faces are there( regular attendees as we assume) even some booth that are used to in other conventions were there.  T-shirts are very nice souvenirs in an event like that but when your decision to by them are too slow, you will get nothing at all.  Apparently, some cosplayers are new there.   The showcase there talents on what they can do and what hey have.  The family agreed that they carry there costumes well because  some are very beautiful with it.  The downside about it is when they don't know who they are portraying.  Luckily, we don't ask who they are trying to show in there costumes ,but well, the eyes of the crowd feast on them.
Inori Yuzuriha of Guilty Crown
Lightning of Final Fantasy XIII
(She's so Cute)
     One of the family point at someone.  She thought that this cosplayer was a character in Mirai Nikki, Gasai Yuno to be exact.  She was very eager to take picture of her so the Sky guardian  ask to take pictures of her.  Unfortunately, she was not a Mirai Nikki character yet a leading character from Guilty Crown---Inori Yuzuriha.   Another scene in the event was about this Lightning character from Final Fantasy.  She was very cute as the family assume.  The Sky guardian would really want to take pictures of her because she looks similarly to Lightning.  She was being stop by some photographers by then.  Surprisingly, the Storm guardian was there to assist.  They got her picture twice yet on there surprise she said, "Lugi ka pa."  It was very funny to see a cute lady having a character like that.  At first, it looks very offending to the family but later on as they gaze upon her--- she was smiling.  It was very nice of her to be very accommodating, "Thank You."   The family would want to meet her again.
     There were alot of things to see there yet the event  that the family attended was the second day only.  AS for the competition, the crowd was large enough for not seeing very well the stage, but hey, you can hear them clearly.  The family wished that they were part the bidding because some of the items were precious and authentic.  Its quite a challenge and a great thing to participate in the stage sometimes because the event really focuses on what do really happen up there. Not on whose walking in front of your or whose camera is flashing.
     The family still plans to attend more event in the future because it serves as one of there gathering.  Also, something else do happen there.  New people, new friends, new items, and new knowledge are some of the things they brought home during the event.  They know that though cosplay events are being ruined, being there is just what do they like.

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