Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"State Of Calamity"

     "There is no perfect friend but trying to be one is worth it."  The Cloud Guardian of the family once said this  during the struggle for the family's uncertainty.  It is a blessing that the family have a very intelligent and optimistic Cloud Guardian.  He is also one of ht people that keeps the family together up to now.  This family surely is proud to have him around .  Just like in this recent situation that the family is adhering.  A pain which each member do burden as they struggle to survive.  This is the moment when they have to be together the most.
     From the start, the Thunder Guardian is suffering too much.  He has a job, that do not pay him well.  He can't leave there because of the large bond that he have to pay if he resigns.  The family knows he is a strong guardian but he needs to learn from this.  For the family, he is the one that absorbs all the pain  though he inflict so much damage to the enemy, he feels pain too.  It is the reason why he always  comfort the Rain Guardian even though he carries this type of problem.  Unfortunately, the Rain Guardian has a much more bigger problem that him.  He is sick, a permanent one.  According to the doctor it was inborn.  He got it ever since birth.  The family had no idea upon what to do for this yet the Rain Guardian is emotionally deprived about this.  Concerning this, the Sky and Storm Guardian keeps on aiding those who are in need for the family.  The Sun Guardian is still with them is spirit though he cannot be there physically due to the call of his duty.  For the Mist Guardian, she had been not communicating with the family.  She is a strong one though the family still worries about her.  She had been doing alot of activity recently though it is for the good of the family.  The Mist Guardian bears a very strong attitude above all the family.  They just do hope she does not gone astray.
     This is the trouble which the family is trying to surpass.  They are strong once they are together.  The expertise that they have one there own really put them in advantage about this danger they come to compel.  This family can survive though they are wounded and carries an abundant of pain because of the struggle they have.  Stay together, because this is how they over-throw there adversity.


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