Monday, August 20, 2012


 The Gatecrasher Family first attended the Tanabata Festival of PNU last 2011.  The event then was called Tanabata IV "Celestial Hope."  For an event that still needs to improve, Tanabata IV is fine.  On the other hand, the family just went there because one of the family member was a student there-----Now, this year's Tanabata Festival made a rebound.  The Tanabata V "Kizuna"  really got the full attention of the family.
     Kizuna or Tanabata V truly pulls the eyes of the audience once a person enter the venue.  It was held in Philippine Trade Training Center last August 18.  The area as well as the volume of the audience was  perfect.  Even the booth just blend with the aura of the place.  It seems to be that the organizers anticipated the crowd.  Honestly, to expect a volume of your audience is very crucial. Some events made this error due to uncertainty.  The important thing about this is, "You don't need a big venue for a small crowd neither you don't need a small venue for a big crowd yet you just need a right venue for a right crowd."
     There were freebies in the even, and installer and a huge poster.  One reason why some attendees of event do want to come.  Its serves as remembrance for the event.  A tangible one or something that everyone that goes to that event can say, " I was there."  Photos or taking pictures of attending coplayers  may serve as well yet something that the event do provide just by entering truly makes a difference.  Aside from freebies, booths for accessories, games, and seller clothes was there.  What the family do always remember is the "Sugar Free and Blues."  One day the family will buy something from them, one day.  Meanwhile, there were a gaming booth where some can play.  The Cloud Guardian is a gamer.  He tried and played for the game.  Too bad for him because the event was already near end as he plays.  But hey!  He was really happy he played there and the  person who was in-charge of that booth was kind and generous to return his excess payment because of the limited time the event had---Thank you so much for that!!!
     A Parody about the tale of Tanabata Festival  was made for the event.  The play which they show to the audience was very entertaining.  The actors, the sounds, the props made a different touch for the story.  Above all, cosplayers were participating the play so it really made a good view for it.  Being creative really makes a good sense for  a place which looks very the same.  The family do hope that they would see more in the future.
     The bands who played for the event was great.  Upon how they carry the instrument and how they do it really made something there.  It is hard to play guitar or even simultaneously play the drum with it to produce a rhythmic sound.  But them, they were enjoying it and the crowd did absorb the songs that played.  Unfortunately, there were some moments during the bands were playing an unbalanced tune.  It was just a minor flaw, anyway, who would care.  The sad thing is, "The family didn't get any names of the band!!!  They were talented that the Gatecrasher Family would be honored to shake there hands.
     The cosplay competition was a sub-feature of the event.  There were some awesome cosplayers that attended Tanabata.  Some did carry well there costumes and even some did really captured the character that they want to convey.  Unluckily, the family left during the Tanabata dance which was the main feature.  Few colleagues of the family there needs to be home early so forth the winner of the cosplay competition was not known for them.
     Just to insert, Hunters were seen in the Tanabata Festival.  It was informed because one family member is a Hunter.  Funny, that a family member claims that he is a ninja though when the announcer of the event said that they were having the "Ninja Game,"   he refused to join because he does not know the mechanics.  Anyway, real "Knight" do compose one member.  Honor and word is the most important aspect of being a Knight.  So once promise, loyalty, and sincerity is abide, you can trust the family with it because they can die for it.
     Clearly, being progressive and smart definitely marks the Tanabata Festival this year.  It made the Gatecrasher Family happy and they even learn some few ideas from you.  Hope next year would be alot better.  More power and God bless. . . .  See you next year.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful comments! It would be our pleasure to see you guys again next year if possible!! XD

    -Koumei of PNU-Nami

  2. SURE gate crasher family! we have a lot in store for you next year! be ready for it. and next time, pleas don't miss the epic and always epic tanabata dance for tanabata VI !!