Sunday, December 11, 2011


Strike for a pose
    An unwilling or unable to associate in a normal or friendly way with other people.  This is a definition of such word.  People who has some conflict towards strangers or other personality tends to be called by this subject.  Apparently, it often begin  from frustration.  The feeling that you might get hurt by other entities.  In able to protect oneself, moving away from  the others is there option.  Humans usually hate pain.  Its a torture, its very unpleasant, and its not even worth living for.  Everyone is different yet having the same difference could work things out.
Being together
    The resonance of a soul, this is how things come together.  Logic pulls the same mind and brings out a better product.  This is how the family got stuck with each other.  Avoiding people that could hurt a feeling resounds  in each of there character.  On the other hand, perceiving such beauty of a personality also abduct in every angle beyond the family.  Learning to accept is just the basic belief towards one another.  Being too arrogant and losing humbleness is he mere fact that eluding  some people comes into  the mind.  Arrogance, never tried to listen upon what is wrong and what is needed to do.  They are too bitter towards other people who are just worried about there position.  Sometimes, they even want to pull you down as if they are the only one living in this earth.  I know that reasons have there reasons yet they must have a very sturdy basis to compel in able for them to be excused.   Otherwise, justifying a sin is never a a reason.  Compromising ourselves that we do things for the good yet it honor only itself.  I just remember that things is not made because I wanted them thought I just fused things up not putting my own reason for it.
A good sample of An art
     Growing up is part of life.  You know that you had evolve when you  surrender yourself to the rightful knowledge.  "Always know how to humble yourself and never put a bad pride in your heart.  Being self-centered can destroy a good attitude.  Be guided, because our  "BOSS" up there is watching our every moves.

     Take care and God bless. . .
     my fellow guardians

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