Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Request An Encore"

One of the nice cosplayer in the event.
     "Again?"  Or a  demand of an audience for a repetition of a song or act, performance of an additional piece, etc.  This is the definition of the word "Encore"  according to the dictionary.  For the event last  November 26-27, its title is a bit awkward for the theme.  Anyway,  its full of  fun seeing old casualties in one event.  And the Pinoy  Otaku Encore made something else beside from just a show.
     The family had made a small gathering there.  Laughing, roving  around, seeking for new stuff, and mingling to others as well as taking pictures for good remembrance.  The event had different presentation as the family had come to see it.  There were bands playing anime songs.  Cosplay group that performed a small Skit.  Some few funny  moments from the host of the event.  And, the catwalk for individual cosplayers---this was the highlight of the event.  Cosplayers as costripper was very friendly in the event and they are very easy approach.  Maybe they just implement the believe that, "When you are a cosplayer in an event, the public owns your attention."  No matter what it is, they were all nice specially the Black Rozen Maiden cosplayer.  She compels a very heart-warming greet to for all her casualties.  Then, there were famous names in the cosplay community that doesn't need to cos just to take pictures.  Simply, shout her name, afterwards, photographers as well as con-goers will appear  to take a picture of her.  As it was mentioned, they were all friendly.  Some even give thanks as you took picture of them.  They seem to look like in a hurry yet they would  stop  and pose  for your request.  That was just a great  attitude and it also made a great impression for that person specifically "The Mage Cosplayer of the event."  Too bad that the picture that the family took from her was blurred so forth a copy of her picture was no good.  Better yet, She made a great impression besides from her beautiful image.  Anything else, there were booths of souvenirs, food, and photographers.  It was great simply being there.   Thus the best is yet to come.
     The family isn't complete in the event.  Only the Sky, rain, and cloud guardian was there.  Some family  members misses to come though they are too busy because of there work and studies.  There are still more conventions to come but remember this, "Though  there is no convention or event, a family can be together anytime they want.

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