Monday, December 5, 2011

"Don't Ever Run-Away"

Beef Yakiniku Ramen
     "Scape," a one way  of surviving another day.  The family oftenly do such to avoid conflict and deprivation.  The code "M.T." is what the Sun guardian as well as the Storm guardian call the members of the family. Yet,  each member has a pride that can't be bent no matter what the reason is.  Luckily, for an escape, eating is such a way.  The Stop-over was "Rai-Rai Ken"  in Ali-Mall, Cubao.
     This is a way of how to treat the family.  Before, even in a simple fast-food, it was very classy for the family so forth being thankful and contented for the food on our table is already a huge blessing to receive.  Likewise, being envy for those people who eats bountifully in such restaurant was the feeling but now, even for just a glimpse, the family stays happy as chances come to enter for a munch in  a known restaurant like "Rai-Rai Ken"
Batchoi Ramen
     The family was lucky of taking an opportunity to eat in "Rai-Rai Ken."  They had a promo of 50% off for ramen as you buy a Gyoza for your meal.  The family bought six pieces of Gyoza.  It has a dip of a soy sauce and because of the yummy Gyoza with its filling of certain herbs and meat, the "Gohan" or the plain rice suitably made a great partner with it.  Then, the Beef Yakiniku Ramen was superb due to the tender Beef and the egg noodles that was mixed in just a dish of such. The Batchoi Ramen that includes a mouth-watering Egg noodles, an egg, and soft meat truly put a cold heart around as this meal pours down  to your stomach.  The finishing touch of a sweet "Four Season" drink did made an impact for the whole meal.  It quenches our hunger as all the food was tasted and put down in our stomach.
Four Season
     Wish to invite the whole family even just for once in Rai-Rai Ken.  Thus, only the Storm and Sky guardian was there to eat.  For the record, Rai-Rain Ken is a place to stop-by.  If you want to try them out, just visit them at UGF Unit 01088-A Ali Mall Phase II Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City.

     Until next travel, it was very nice to feel japanese even just for a moment.  Thank you, Rai-Rai Ken.

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