Sunday, March 20, 2011

"The New Family Member: Satsui"

     "We are growing!!!"  The year is simply taking its first quarter yet there are alot of things that had happened.  Avery nice progress for us had occurred knowing we have another person whom we can trust the name of Gatecrasher Family.  Beautiful, meek, and reserve--- those are there description of this youngest family member of ours.  We come to cross with her last year where the Marikina Riverbanks held there very first cosplay event.  It was our very first time to see her there yet the family participated  several events before even thought we are not formally established by then.  After all had past, we boastfully say "Satsui" newest member of the Gatecrasher Family.
     This young lady, Satsui, has a common interest with us.  she is cosplayer, a gamer, an otaku, and much more of an artist herself.  Very artistic in a sense that she know how to portray beauty.  As an otaku, she really likes Deathnote and Vocaloid, knowledgeable about certain terms in the community even oftenly updated upon what's new and what' in.  As a gamer, she loves to play Gaia Online. We would not include if how much time she spend on playing that game but we think she's already playing that game even before we met her.  As a cosplayer, she cosplayed several known characters.  In Deathnote, Misa and Near.  Then, she cosplayed a vocaloid character too.  Maybe in the future she will have more beautiful and great cosplays to astonish the crowd.  Nevertheless, this person contains a genuine character inside, to ever think of doing wondrous things.
     For us, Satsui can become whoever she wants---even a model if possible.  We can't tell what lies in the future for this child of ours.  She would be very good on doing her passion in her own will so we humbly support her to whatever decision she takes. We can say, we are very lucky to have her as part of our family and hope she's happy with ti too.  But for now, We're proud to announce and shout,"Satsui is a member of the Gatecrasher Family.

©Gatecrasher Family 10:34 am March 13 2011

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