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     If your in Korea, Its Manwa.  If you talk in English, its comics.   Moreover, the title itself is a term from Japanese.  Nowadays, its been very less heard from our country because of how fast and how alluring the entertainment section can be.  There are televisions, radio, and internet.  Few only had the guts to continue a passion for this yet, because of them, they keep this field alive.  I've come to gather some information about Manga and include some works of my family members too.  Hope this will be added to your knowledge guys.

"Some of the popular terms and styles of Manga"

     In other words, "Boy's Manga."   Its normally about adventure and action aiming for boys 8-18 years old.  Its the most known style and usually major fight scenes.  The level of violence concerning this type of manga may be preferable to older readers. Eventually, some from this style are available in Anime even translated in american version too.


     Meaning "Girls' Manga."  Less action, more story, and concentrates on romance. Those are what I concluded about this style.  Some said that this is the second most popular style of manga.  Shoujo manga is normally focused towards female readers age 12-16.


an upcoming work of Kazuki Saiyuri
     This is a variation of Shonen Manga.  Its series contains more graphic violence and adult situations.  This style of manga focuses on male readers age 18-30.

     Known as "Women's comics."  It concentrates at young working women ages 21-30 and housewives.  No more further information gathered.


    "Who the hell wouldn't know about this style of Manga?"  Literally, it means "pervert" manga according to what they call this.  Just to define it, this style centers more pornographic comics or manga.  It suits any age that do degrade any morals.


     Or "Historical Manga," this focuses more actions and battle.  It is well-defined through some as "action-packed and battle-oriented."


   Short term of Mechanical.  This style contains giant robots and enormous fighting machines.  Whether of human-based or beastlike, they fall to this type of style.


   One of the most famous manga style.  It has "Cute Girls" with sometimes funny animals.  This type of manga had produced various known series with "Out of this world stories" yet come to enjoy the readers.

   Stories about "Beautiful Boys"---Not gay manga.  They are made for teenage girls that features very pretty yet almost effeminate heroes.  The story oftenly portrays guys with merely perfect capabilities of everything.

     Still, there are many terms and styles of Manga.  I do not know all of them yet some may fall to subcategories of the above mentioned types which are:


    "Boy's Love"


    "Girl's Love"

     The above two are under the class of gay manga.

   "Children's Manga,"  Children 6-10 years old are the main stream for this style.  It is a sequel of Bishoujo, Shonen, or Shoujo style of Manga.

A sequel of Kazuiki's work
    I wish that it boost your knowledge about manga.  Just to insert guys,our visual illustrator, Mr. Kazuki Saiyuri, is also a manga artist.  His works are far more ahead than ours knowing it is his passion.  Still, we're very proud of his outcome whenever he comes to showcase us his works.  Try to expect more of him here, from the Gatecrasher Family.

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