Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gatecrasher Family Timeline

good day it's me, Shoji. This is actually a backtrack of Gatecrasher Family

Year 2001 - Marikina High School days
Shoji and Marc Angelo became friends
Ranjo, Kazuki and a certain Archie became friends

Year 2002 - Marikina High School days
Shoji, Marc Angelo met Ranjo and became friends.
Archie and Kazuki were transferred to different sections
Ranjo introduced Archie to Shoji and Marc Angelo
they were called F4
Kazuki and Shoji met at a Science Quizbee, Shoji got eliminated in the Semis when Kazuki won and they became friends after some introduction from Ranjo.
Kazuki introduces manga arts to Shoji and Ranjo.

Year 2003 - Still on High School days
Kazuki left Marikina High School due to some government policy
Shoji, Marc Angelo, Ranjo and Archie are still friends
Archie got some issues with the school and was forced to repeat a year.
Kazuki still stayed in touch.

Year 2004-2005
Kazuki was transferred(again) to another school and have some issues with his time due to the distance of his home to school
Ranjo and Shoji got seperated from Marc Angelo due to transfer of sections.
Archie lost contact with the rest.
Kazuki, Ranjo, Shoji and Marc Angelo stil kept in touch.
Eventually Kazuki went on to his path of Mangaka while Shoji stopped drawing and does story writing instead. From there the Gatecrashers name was made.

Year 2005-2006
Aruiko, Kazuki, Kirael and Ranjo enrolled at PUP and became friends
Shoji stopped studying
Marc Angelo enrolled at FEU

Year 2007
Aruiko, Kazuki, Kirael and Ranjo stayed strong.
Shoji got his first job in the call center industry
Marc Angelo continued studying but still kept in touch with the rest
Kazuki and Ranjo introduced Aruiko and Kirael to Marc Angelo and Shoji
The project Gatecrasher story was realized by Shoji but not materialized

Year 2008
Shoji resigned to his job and took another call center job
Marc Angelo kept in touch with the rest and became friends with Aruiko and Kirael
Aruiko, Kazuki and Ranjo got involved into a band practice. Shoji became friends with Aruiko.

Shoji became friends with Kirael after joining the Gateway Treat.

Year 2009 -
Kazuki and Shoji transferred house
Aruiko, Kazuki, Kirael and Ranjo graduated from College.
Aruiko landed with a call center job.
Ranjo moved out when the typhoon struck
Marc Angelo stayed in touch.

Year 2010 - The Birth of Gatecrasher Family
Aruiko began cosplaying while Kirael started attending conventions.
Best of Anime event - The birth of the name Gatecrasher was posted in the event freedom wall and the first cosplay of Shoji. That time as well we almost got completed.

UP Ame - This was the time the we met Rina Desu, the photographer. We were also introduced to the group Philippine Anime Otaku. Rina became a part of the Gatecrashers under Aruiko.

Cosplay Got Talent - Here we met Satsui. I didn't get to know at first that she is a member of the Philippine Anime Otaku group.

Cosplay Fever - We for the second time, almost got completed.

December Toycon - Gatecrashers met the National Youth Anime Kinship Organization. Also Satsui suprised us by putting the Gatecrasher Family logo on her pic.

December 21, 2010 - the Gatecrashers became completed and now was named Gatecrasher Family.

Year 2011 - Progress

Photoshoot done by Rina and the rest of NYAKO.

Rina Desu became the 7th independent member of Gatecrasher Family

Satsui was proclaimed the 8th member of the Gatecrasher Family under Shoji


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