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"The Biggest Names:, CNPH, and CPG"

NOTE:  Organizations are not to scale.  They are just opinions of the author.  Further more intentions are void.
     In cosplaying, there are groups or organizations that are always present.  They are always there to organize the event or simply to participate.  I always come to hear this organization when a cosplay occur so I simply gather them up here. Avatar
     The very famous of them all,, they were there even there even when facebook doesn't already exist.  There website is the most prominent site if you come to be a cosplay event attendee.  They set dates from where and when an event will be held and for it, they truly deserve there place in this community.  This group has a page on thee site which contains a calendar that enlist all events within a month.  I know, they are the first one who come up with that idea.  And for that, coplayers even an ordinary event attendee can easily access on recent event.

     Then come CNPH. They are like that settles events and photos for the cosplayer yet they do it n far more unique way.  CNPH stands for Cosplay Network Philippines, I know everybody know that , except you aren't familiar in the cosplay community, you wouldn't know them.  CNPH is far more active in facebook so they come to arise quickly.  Also, they have there own Photographers and that's why they come very known for cosplayers.  For they are the one who took pictures of cosplayers, put there watemark on it, and put it on the facebook so people will easily share there photos.  I think that they are pushing blogspot right now. For in there, news and certain articles about cosplayers are being post.  Moreover, they have to be very clever to think of ideas such as that.

     Next is CPG.  As far as I see, they seems identical to the earlier organizations yet this one focuses on photography.  CPG means Cosplay  Photographers Guild, an organization that concentrates about cosplay photos.  This group seems to have the numerous account inside the web.  I don't want to recall them yet there is one which always reminds me of them, there deviant art account.  Its because of them, I remember that photos can also be submitted to that website.  I only come to submit my artwork there whenever I have funds to scan my works. For it, CPG is know for for the cosplay community.
     In addition, if your inside the otaku community, much more broad in the cosplay community, you will come to recognize this two respected name: The Anime Alliance and PAO.  These two created a name and excelled by there own fields.

  I'll introduce first Anime Alliance.  They come to organize events,just like the others,and participate in them too.  They have there facebook account, and by it, I can often follow the events they handle, and participate.  This group seems to be present is some biggest events in cosplaying.  For it, they aren't just an ordinary organization by then.

     Finally, I personally included PAO because this group may have a good agenda.  Philippine Anime Otaku is the meaning of PAO.  This group suits to help those lonely attendees inside an event.  They have text clan, cosplay group plans, and seasonal group activity.  Its always nice to go in an event with a group because courage is always needed upon participating a cosplay event.  Originally, its founder is Yuki Seto then some continued its goals for the group.  And due for there actions, I wrap this article with them as the finishing touch.
     There are many groups or organizations that are well-known in Otaku community and cosplay community.  I will not try to put them all, for my time will not be enough if I insert them here.  Although these names stands out, every group is remarkable on there own works and I still recall them though they are not included here.

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