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Orange Young Sprite- Orange colored young sprite looking for a pet.
Blue Elder Sprite- Blue colored old sprite which is the guardian of Orange Young Sprite.
Light Green Bear- The first animal that orange young sprite.
Yellow Lion- Brawling with Orange Elephant, second animal to inquire the Orange young sprite.
Orange Elephant-   Brawling with the yellow lion, third animal to inquire the Orange young sprite.
Green Rabbit- The forth animal that orange young sprite barge into.
Blue Cat- The fifth animal that orange young sprite barge into.


Scene 1: Home #1

     One day a young sprite requested a pet to an elder sprite.

Orange Young Sprite:  Which pet is favorable to bring home?

Blue Elder Sprite:  Look into the forest to know which is which.

Orange Young Sprite: Can  I really find something there?

Blue Elder Sprite: "You will never know what to have until you seek for it"

So the Orange Young Sprite understood this words then straight up to the forest.

Scene 2:   At the forest #1

     The young sprite saw a bear.

Orange Young Sprite:  Can you come withe me and be my pet?

Light Green Bear:  No, I  don't want to be anybody's pet.

Orange Young Sprite: Why?

Light Green Bear:  I belong to the wild free from the chains and cages which I don't deserve to be.

Orange Young Sprite:  Forgive me, but at least, I'll treat you as a friend.

Light Green Bear:  Thank You. . .

Then the Orange Young Sprite continues to walk.

Scene 3:  At the forest #2

     The young sprite barge to a brawling Lion and Elephant.

Orange Young Sprite:  Excuse me fellows, can  anyone of you be my pet?

Yellow Lion:  Nah. . . I'm the king of the jungle, I don't follow anyone.  No matter how big and who your are, like this elephant here.

Orange Elephant:  I don't want it neither..  Even though this lion scratches and wounded me like this--- I don't belong in someone's cage or anything.  Besides, I won't fit to your house if I become your pet.

Orange Young Sprite:  Forgive me about the things that I do not know but, still, can I call you guys as friends?

Yellow Lion and Orange Elephant:  Sure, its a pleasure. . .

Of that the Orange Young Sprite continues and wonders more. . .

Scene 4:  At the Forest #3

   A hopping rabbit pop-up to his front and . . .

Green Rabbit:  Hello, young sprite.

Orange Young Sprite: Hi

Green Rabbit:  What seems to be your problem?

Orange Young Sprite:  I need a pet and there's no one wants to be.  Can you be my pet?

Green Rabbit:  I want to, but, I don't like to be in a cage being tied or being closed into a small space.

Orange Young Sprite:  Ouch. . . How bad, yet are my friend, right?

Green Rabbit:  Of course, I am, You can often visit me anytime you want in my place.

Next, the rabbit hops and the Orange Young Sprite moves on.

Scene 5:  At the forest #4

   The young sprite walks and come to a cat.

Orange Young Sprite:  Hello, beautiful creature, I notice you unique presence and I come to wish that you'll be my pet?

Blue Cat:  Do you promise to take care of me, feed me, and give me shelter for my needs?

Orange Young Sprite: Yes, ti will be my pleasure.

Blue Cat:  Do you promise, too, that you will never hurt me, cage me, and let me play outdoors so that I can return to you merry and pleasant?

Orange Young Sprite:  Yes, Promise all of that with my hear.

Blue Cat: Lead the way to your home and I will follow to be your pet.  Its been a long time since  I wanted someone to take care for me.

After it, the two straight home where the Blue Elder Sprite is.

Scene 6:   At home #2  
    The home of the Sprite . . .

Orange Young Sprite:  Elder, I brought a cat for us to domesticate and play with.

Blue Elder Sprite:  Wonderful, She's beautiful too.  It would be really great for us to have her.

Blue Cat:  Thank you very much for accepting me.

Finally, they celebrate Blue Cat's acceptance as the Orange Young Sprite's pet.

Scene 7:  At home #3

   Everyone came to join the celebration.

Light Green Bear:  Its a great thing to have a companion of friends.

Yellow Lion:  No matter  what happen, they will be there to stay for good or bad.

Orange Elephant:  When your down, they are the one to pick you up.

Green Rabbit:  As your in bliss, they are apart of you.

Blue Cat:  They are even there whether there is no special occasion  or just ordinary day.

Blue Elder Sprite:  So treasure your friends, for its very hard to find a real one nowadays.

Orange Young Sprite:  Thank you everyone for being my friends.

---The End---
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