Friday, April 22, 2011

"A Doll Experience"

     It was a Holy Wednesday, April 20 of the recent year. The family always plan but things really don't go well. As things get planned, expect it to be cancelled.  That's how they comply through things.  It is much better to be left unprepared.  This has no big deal yet it collide.  Moreover, the Gatecrasher Family made a disruption in Meidolls Cafe.
     At first, the flow goes well.  Some of the members of the Gatecrasher family arrived in Meidolls Cafe altogether.   The fun already just started by then because they oftenly see each other.  This also sets as there meeting about certain goals and other project to compel.  The ambience was good, relaxing, and comfortable.  Then, if you would be served by cute girls, it's a very plus for those who really want to cool down abit from there everyday life.  On the other hand, one person was lost to get to the cafe.  He pass through the Meidolls and stopped to SM Taytay because of false instruction apprehended.  He then went back to be dropped off in Junction Cainta so forth he will  be nearer to the place.  Nevertheless, this member of the Gatecrasher family arrived last in the Meidolls Cafe yet it was far more better if he had been there in a much efficient duration.
     Afterwards, they had a small feast even though a minor disturbance occur for the gathering.  They eat, drink, and talk alot when they were there.  The food even the beverage was good.  One of the likes the peppermint flavored drink.  The cooling effect of the beverage goes down to the throat and perfectly deflects the heat of the weather.  There sushi roll, its the best.  They didn't notice that the sushi was gone until they were seeking for it.  A conversation is mend by then and they simply keep on talking an munch a little of the sushi to make the conversation alot more active.  They ate several kinds of food there yet these are the dishes that come to be yield for it truly sets a mark. Although, all the food was worth to return for, if ever they have another chance.
Kazuki, Ran, Aruiko, Shoje, and Kirael
     Putting all things together, it was one of the best experience ever.  One was simply wondering if what would the place look like during the eve  because they went there in the afternoon.  He would like to see the lights, the passing and the moving lights of the vehicle down the window, specially--- the stars for the place was in the second floor of the building and the window is a simple see-through glass.  He simply want to see the stars in that place because the place was superb.  They talked that they would visit Meidolls Cafe again but they don't know when.  One of them do really want to thank the warm accommodation of the people whom serve the Gatecrasher family.  Thank you very much Meidolls Cafe and hope to see you soon. . .God bless.

©Thylyt19 April 22,2011


  1. Bute na lang wala akong picture...Di ako mate-trace! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  2. you have one, kazuki, you just turn your back unto it.