Thursday, April 7, 2011

"When A Convention Fails"

     Not all conventions or events are fun.  Some may have its uncertainty during its collide.  There could be some disruptions when you come to enter the event:  Guards will stop you enter due to an apparent reason, few had come to attend, the show is boring, and the booths are limited--- even the cost of the entrance is too high.  We normally attend events to have fun and to see some of our colleagues but when unexpected situation comes,we often regret we were there.

---How can you say that the convention is a fail?---

     I already mention a number of reasons for a fail convention earlier.  I'll just set an example of an event which really seems to be a fail.

UP AME Track 10- Rhapsody of the rain

1.  It is one of the most awaited event of the year.
2.  Not all people can enter the venue.
3.  The venue is not fit for the number of attendee.
4.  Sadly, the organizers didn't expect the number of crowd that will attend the event.

     The event was already marked on the calendars of some when they hear UP AME.  We too did a preparation for that event as we noticed the date ti was settled.  The saddest part is, not all of our companions come to see what's inside the event.  I know a few that came from the provinces simply to attend the event in able to have fun.   Nevertheless, the organizers gives there public apology for what had occurred during that event.


     I'll just include this because the result of the event reaches me though I have few information of that convention.  What I heard was:

1.  Few had come to this event.
2.  Some cosplayers are not allowed to enter.
3.  As a fact, there are more people outside the main venue.
4.  Some says that the entrance fee is not applicable for the event.

     There are more events that they call us a "Fail" when the people come to expect something yet they didn't see it there.  I only mention this two for these are just few that I recall.  You know what, the worst thing of that a convention couldn't have is a cosplay competition.  People also come because of that and I notice, its the main attraction of a convention.  Its alright to have no cosplay competition, sometimes, yet the organizers should make up for it  if they come to neglect that portion.  Therefore, we should be prepared to an event so we can easily adjust through certain situation.

  Emceeiee NyawNyaw meant to recommend this words when a convention fails, he is a known cosplayer and an often event attendee, "Its alright when a convention fails, as long as your friends are with you, it is still fine."

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