Friday, April 15, 2011

"Heaven And Death"

Heaven and Death
     Heaven prevails  the works of a just while Death is inevitable for a living creature.  Two different persona but there is one similar point out, a connection to Hell.  We all know that Heaven always oppose the action of Hell but for Death, a sudden side is inconsistent.  People believe that Death is an alliance of Hell.  It is not true.   Death only connects the path f the inequity to them.  They make the living give there proper reward after life.  Moreover, Death benefits in the words of Heaven due its existence belong to them.
     Acquainted, they may be connected to each other.  I can't call Heaven and Death as friends for I don't have any evidence about that.  Let me see, friends are connection which attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.  This is the definition of friends.  In feelings of affection,there is no entry about that but in personal regard, I think there is.  Death conveys  a personal acquisition to lead a none living  to there path.  This is there job.  I know Heaven always made a good connection to Death so fort they have nice flow  of communication.  On the other hand,   Death always choose the side of Heaven whenever Hell made a move to destroy them.  It is just that, for the reason of equality and cycle.
     There are times that Heaven and Death doesn't conduct an identical reason.  One will work according for its own objective.  A situation existing between friends.  Sometimes, they cannot help you for some apparent issue yet a friend do aid  as much as they can.   This is very  certain nowadays.  I simply hope it would be a great day tomorrow although things aren't going well here.  Just like what Shoji Kagami  said to describe a friend, "There is no perfect friend but trying to be one is worth it."

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