Saturday, June 25, 2011

When Everything You Believed in is Betrayed

A picture of a happy family.  The feeling of security that emanates from your father and your mother’s smiles.  The warmth that engulfs you every time you arrive at the doorstep of your home.  Kindly words that would accompany the moment you open the doors, and the nice smell of the food being lovingly prepared.

Such is a distant dream.  If possible, you don’t want to wake up.  However, the moment you open your eyes—reality comes smacking in, smashing what little flicker of hope remains in your heart.

Then you realize, they’ve betrayed you.  Everything, everyone, every belief that you’re holding on to.  Broken, pulverized into pieces, thrown into the vanishing air.

It hurts so much when you see that beautiful house, those pretty ornaments by the table, this well-kept garden, your family going around, and yet there’s something that keeps you all apart.  An invisible wall, no, better be an invincible wall—because not even love, faith could broke down the differences. 

Family?  Ha!  Ha!  Is yours even worthy to be called ‘family’?  Isn’t it more proper to address you as a ‘group’?  ‘A bunch of people’?

Why do people love?  Why do they bind themselves into life-long relationships only to break apart in the end?  They claim to love everything about that person when they make their vows before the God they revere, yet when trying times come they curse their partners to their face.  They make a living proof of their romance; maybe two, three, four or more children, but those aren’t enough.  Have they forgotten their promise to accept and adapt to each other’s difference?  Their feelings before marriage must be fake then, or should we properly called ‘lust’!

They tell you their grievances, injustices made to them by their partners.  You try to understand them as much as possible; however, it all boils down to the fact that everyone is indeed selfish.  Those who are caught in the crossfire are the real victims—the children.  Those who for many damn years believed that their family is one of the best in the whole world.  Those who believed that they can boast about their mother and father’s love for each other.  Those who believed that they have a stable foundation to stand on when everything else turns against them.

They’ve destroyed a beautiful institution heaven had granted to mankind.  They’ve destroyed a young heart full of ideals.  They’ve destroyed a warm, lovely dream set in a child’s mind.  That’s how selfish those kinds of parents are.

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