Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mind Power

I was inspired by an old anime. It taught me to be careful of what you wish for.

When we say mind, it does mean what you think about anything. The mind is a powerful tool of creation, blessed by the Cosmic Eye into humanity.

It allows you to create, erase or change some things in your life. The mind is yet something that some people lack of(I mean it literally).

Ever wonder why there are times that you lost something or somebody that you know of? Why something like getting a prize on a contest or being recognized is easy but somewhat difficult to others? Why some people are able to get their dreams come true quite fast as ABC? It is because they use their minds to create these situations. When they use their minds, ideas flow onto you like water.

In the End of Evangelion, Shinji was given a chance to create what he wished for. After the destruction of Kaoru and Asuka and some reflections about how others view him, he ended up wishing for a world for himself and the others "just die". He used his mind(figuratively) to create a situation like that picture above, a world of his own "where he exists everywhere and he exists nowhere". Eventually, he rejected that world and went back to reality.

Before that happened, in the whole Evangelion storyline, the men behind the creation of these mechanical beasts, envisioned about the arrival of the angels with the help of the Dead Sea Scrolls. With their minds agree about this said disaster, they responded to prevent this by creating the evangelions using the angels' DNA: Adam's DNA(see picture above). Their minds created a possibility of mankind's survival and also their own "Instrumentality" by which mankind will be under their control once the they survive the attack of the angels.

You see how mind is powerful? It might serve you a lot if you are able to use it the way it should be. The learning of how you'll be able to get what you want using your mind will come if you have wished it at the bottom of your heart.

Be careful though, it could be a double-edge sword if you use it the wrong way.

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  1. For me, mind power is a tricky subject and most of the time it is confused with brain power.