Sunday, June 26, 2011

Decaying from Within


We often hear, see and read that word nowadays.  Be it on television, radio, newspaper, and even on the streets you could hear people shouting 'rights here, rights there'.

Everyone wants to have and avail their rights.  And who wouldn't?

Rights equates to freedom.  Freedom to do the thing that is included in that rights.  Rights for humans to express themselves.  Rights for animals to be treated with respect.  Rights for the environment to be taken care of.  Rights of gays and lesbians to marry someone of the same gender.  Heck, with the rush of freethinking ever since it started with the Renaissance in Europe during the 16th century, everything you can think of is possible to have 'rights'...even FICTIONAL, LITERARY children have rights to be protected from the 'abuse' of real-life pedophiles!  (Hey, you may think that is stupid, but you see, it is one of the basis of the recent 'manga-ban' in Japan.)

I can't help to mutter, 'has the world gone mad?'


Although it may seem to be like your everyday word, Order can become the exact opposite of Rights.  Why is that?  

You see, though it is intended for good, excessive implementation and adherence of Rights can lead to abuse, and the abuse of Rights brings forth Chaos.  Now Chaos and Order can be in the same room at once, isn't it?  And you can't tell me that we can discipline ourselves and self-regulate because one of Humanity's greatest failure is to control himself--history is my witness.  

Take these for examples.  

We shout 'FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION'.  In a democratic society, yes it is granted.   But then, we commit vandalism, hurt our neighbors, slander our friends...and that's 'freedom of expression?'

We claim to protect the rights of the unborn, yes.  But how about those who were already born, unable to even feed themselves once a day?  How are we protecting them?

We demand equality for everyone, but why are we immediately disappointed when someone would tell you to be quiet because it's already nighttime and your singing in the full-volume karaoke is awfully out-of-tune?

Have we forgotten that every Right is never free?  That there's the word 'RESPONSIBILITY' attached to it?

And now, some of us push for same-sex marriage, saying that it is a right, throwing the SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE and  FAMILY--THE FUNDAMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR FREEDOM TO LOVE--OUT OF THE WINDOW!

We hide the truth of how selfish we were under the umbrella of 'Rights', disregarding that others also have rights.

Ah...if we are only to realize how to give up our rights for the rights of others--that is, RESPECT--then this world would be a much better place.

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